Job Search Applications or Websites Focusing on Women

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After launching Bustle application in the market, we shall give it about six months so that the users can adjust to it and to enable us obtain sufficient reviews. We shall have allocated a feedback section on the application where the users can elaborate on their experience, the challenges that they have had thus far and any recommendations they have made to our company. We shall also evaluate the project proposal and determine whether the finished work was within scope which will directly indicate if we have succeeded in our project or not.

Through the website, we shall monitor the number of women that managed to access the jobs that suit their personalities best and the payments that they are receiving. The main objective of this application is to ensure that more women are given the opportunity to prosper in their careers especially in fields such as marketing, law, customer service and sales. After conducting the analysis, we shall then have a final conclusion which will enable us to determine if the project was a success or not and determine what perhaps we may need to adjust on the website to deliver.

Develop the work breakdown structure (WBS), including main tasks and sub-tasks.



Task name



Before commencing of the project, we shall need to collect data and online reviews detailing the female opinion on the corporate sector and the changes that they would like to be implemented. We shall also partner with key companies and sell our ideas while enquiring on their need to incorporate women in their employee structure.

We shall also compare similar applications such as, and to get an idea of what the market would want hence structure a unique product.


Human resource management.

Effort (Hours)

The employees will work for about seven hours each day till the completion of the project.


The project will require about five employees who will be tasked with creativity, making of graphics and developing the website plus the mobile application.


10th June 2018 


10th August 2018


The project will take about two months to develop and implement.

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October 24, 2023



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