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In recent years, the primary objective of the armed forces has been uncertain. Furthermore, since military personnel plays different tasks, national security is not necessarily the primary justification for military recruiting. While other nations require their young men and women to participate in the military, military service in the United States is entirely optional. However, joining the United States Armed Forces is a difficult task. There are many reasons that inspire people to participate in the military, regardless of the cause or process of recruiting.

For starters, most recruits see joining the army as a way to demonstrate their loyalty by protecting their homeland (Lutz 167). It is important to note that serving in the army is time-revered and a means through which one can offer first-hand help to other people. Gibson et al. in their article _x0093_Parental influence on youth propensity to join the military_x0094_, claim that most individuals who choose to join the military are motivated by the notion that _x0093_there is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men, there is no greater contribution than to help the weak, and nothing gives greater satisfaction that to do well_x0094_ (538). For people who join the army, it is only through this course that they can learn the true definition of service to others.

Economic pressure is another obvious motivating factor. The US has come through relatively difficult economic conditions in the past decades, which include higher levels of unemployment and ever-increasing costs of living. For those in search of jobs, the military has always remained a better option because it is the army that has continued to provide jobs for individuals who are deemed medically fit and academically competent (Teachman et al., 1468). Hence, by joining the military, they will get the chance of earning high wages and other employment benefits.

However, it is importantly noted that not every army recruit is driven by financial needs. Amongst the working-class communities consisting of different races, there are frequently long-lasting customs of military services and relations between service and privileged forms of manliness. For the communities that are ear-marked as _x0093_foreign_x0094_ such as the Latinos and Asian Americans, there is the urge to serve so as to prove that a person is _x0093_American_x0094_ or understand the American way of life (Kane 4). For those who have migrated into the U.S in the recent years, there is the decoy of attaining legal inhabitant status or nationality.

Military personnel are conditioned to work differently than other members of the public. The various traits that are necessary to service members can only be developed through effective training. Such traits can give one a competitive advantage in the employment search. For instance, military personnel are trained to be quick decision makers. In cases where decision-making is within a shorter time span people in the military can apply their instincts, experiences, and guts to provide the best solution. Additionally, people in the military value teamwork and this means that they can fit in other white-collar jobs. The main reason for teamwork is because people in the military are seen as the initiative in the sense that they are inured to pursue additional tasking, go above and beyond, and complete errands quickly and with minimal supervision from their seniors.

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