Karl Jacoby's The Strange Career of William Ellis

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Karl Jacoby wrote The Odd Career of Williams. Karl Jacoby, the poet, is a history professor at the University of Columbia. The author of the 366-page book has received many literary prizes. The Albert J. Beveridge Award and the Guggenheim Fellowship are two of these honors. On June 14, 2016, W.W.Norton & Company released the novel, which was first edited. The author describes the life of a wealthy man named Guillermo Eliseo. He happened to own a lot of apartments as well as a number of very expensive vehicles. Eliseo lived in Mexico and amassed tremendous riches despite the fact that he was not of Mexican descent. Eliseo struggled too much to cleave into reaches. In fact, his name Eliseo just came to be known after he acquired reaches. Initially, he was given a name William Ellis at his birth in a cotton farm around the southern part of Texas. Guillermo Eliseo started his life as a slave in Mexico but after a period he was among the counted business tycoons in town.

The purpose of the book

The writer has used this book to reveal some of the challenges and discriminations facing the African American in the United States. Some of the privileges that the African Americans are denied are like the denial to use the first class train in their traveling and even taking their meals in the most beautiful hotels and restaurant. On the other hand, through in-depth study of the story of Eliseo, the book becomes a source of encouragement. The reader is able to establish that no matter the hard situation or challenge he might be going through in life, his focus and determination is able to change his story. The book also provides a reality to the Americans that an individual_x0092_s development and prosperity is not determined by race. This will help them never to undermine a person whether he is black or white.

Structure of the book

The writer structured the book in a very simple way to understand. The structure of the book leaves the reader with no other option but to read to the end in order to get the full story. For an instance, the writer starts by introducing Eliseo as a wealthy man but at some point, he says he was a slave born in the cotton plantation. The reader would then wish to read more to acquire information how he ended up being rich.


People from other races specifically the Africans have suffered a lot at the hands of the whites. As portrayed by the writer, Africans have often deprived the rights and privileges to benefit from some services. Discrimination against Africans was the order of the day but as the world continues to evolve, racism is viewed to be reducing. Despite the challenges and hardships people undergo in life, focused and determined individuals will still strive to achieve their goals. This is clearly indicated by the main character in the book The Strange Career of William Ellis by Karl Jacoby. As much William Ellis faced so many challenges since his birth in a cotton plantation and later on facing discrimination because of his race, he still ended up being successful.

How the book relates to the class

This book is aiming to be of impact to the various categories of students within the class. There are some students who might have given up in life just because of the hardships and challenges they face in their daily lives. This book is going to be a source of encouragement to them to continue pressing on towards their dreams. Being that the class consists of different races, the book is going to enhance harmony and peaceful co-existence between the races.

In conclusion, this book goes hand in hand with the course structure as it gives a clear information and history of the lives of the black Africans in America. The book also indicates the impacts of racism in the lives of the blacks and how some of them survived.

October 19, 2022

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