Kevian Limited Manufacturers Balanced Scorecard

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The discussion presents different objectives of the marketing unit of Kevian Limited Manufacturers. The balanced scorecard entails four goals of the department that are deemed essential in the organization to help it accomplishing various purposes. Notably, the growth and learning perspective has multiple objectives including employee training, retention, and aligning of staff goals with those of the firm. The internal business processes perspective, on the other hand, aims at delivering efficiency, the launching of innovative products, and improving relations with dealers.

The third perspective of the balanced scorecard of the entity is customer perspective whose primary task is to grow market share, improve customer satisfaction and building awareness among the millennial. The matrix of ensuring overall awareness is through customer survey that reveals how the brand has interacted with clients in different platforms. Lastly, financial perspective is also considered as an essential aspect of the department as it aids in ensuring revenue growth, reducing marketing and sales costs as well as to ensure revenue growth for new products in the market. Matrices such as the percentage of revenue growth, operating to revenue costs and sales to cost ratio are used to measure each of the monetary goals respectively.

Summary Section 1

 The introduction of new technology has greatly affected the number of customers of Comcast Xfinity platform. Most of the subscribers opt for Internet-based entertainment options that have in turn reduced the profitability of the institution. Therefore, the company uses the net promoter score to evaluate customer experience that concentrates on both the level of satisfaction and happiness of the clients.

Summary Part 2

Xfinity customer experience scorecard consists of different segments including representative satisfaction, relationship net promoter score, unique contact rate, and customer first call resolution. These factors are essential in providing relevant information about different areas of the company including it’s the department, region of operation and the overall institution. Moreover, it can show the relationship between customer experience and overall profitability of the institution.


January 19, 2024


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