Knowledge and the Exponential Growth of Knowledge

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The Concept of Exponential Knowledge

The phrase “knowledge increases exponentially” is in reference to the fact that as people learn something new, a trellis of information is built, adding to the information that they already have. Each piece of this information is connected and is dependent on each other for support. In this regard, any data that is arranged in a format that is meaningful leads to information. The information leads to knowledge as it begins to be used as well as applied, and the knowledge leads to wisdom as it is further examined (Laudon and Kenneth 23). In this regard, all things that have been learned by humanity have their origins on something that had earlier been learned. For instance, it has taken humanity thousands of years to build knowledge and eventually be able to create the internet. However, all along, knowledge has been exponentially increasing yet it is with the universal standards as well as the low-cost conductivity that internet technology provides which we have seen in our lifetime. This paper seeks to examine the concept of the phrase ‘knowledge increases exponentially,’ regarding how it applies to electronic nosiness as well as the emergence of the digital firm.

Application to E-Business

The phrase can be applied to e-business in several ways as it relates to internet business systems. The more information increases, the more knowledge increases. In this regard, the internet has created a platform that has facilitated the potential of connecting all human knowledge and making it available to anyone that is connected to the internet. For instance, enterprise resource planning systems make an attempt to integrate any available data as well as organizational processes into a unified system (Tarhini et al. 25). The system will thus use multiple components of the computer hardware and software for the purpose of achieving the desired integration.

Unified Database and Customer Relationship Management

One ingredient that is key to these ERP systems is a unified database that is used for the purposes of storing data for the different system modules. In customer relationship management the strategy primarily purposes to meet the goal of enhancing or maximizing profitability, customer satisfaction as well as revenue (Khodakarami and Yolande 30). This business purpose is supported by technologies that include the capture and analysis of vendors, customers, partners as well as internal process information. In this case, this is facilitated through the many existing platforms that support the capture and analysis of information for the purpose of acquiring significant knowledge of the parties that are involved.

Enhancing E-Commerce through Exponential Knowledge

In conclusion, as these systems become more enhanced, they provide a platform for storing information, thus furthering analysis of the captured information which helps provide new knowledge that is useful in e-commerce. This means that new concepts are developed, which when applied become wisdom that helps the marketplace to become more enhanced as well as competitive. As information increases, knowledge increases and thus humanity became more empowered and equipped with new knowledge that increases exponentially and enables them to embark on new ventures that had not been tried before.

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October 30, 2023

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