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This lab study includes a trip to the zoo, where students take a day off to exercise. During the exercise, students traveled by boat on the waterway for twenty minutes to reach the zoo pier. The program included a visit to the Dolphin Ambulance Center, a demonstration of the Seawater Purification System, and promotion of the Penguin Living Park. There were many stops along the way where several details were offered. Various beings encountered during the stopovers taught specific lessons. At the end of the tour, which marked the end of the semester, the students reached certain conclusions.

Lessons Learnt In the Lab Exercise

Several lessons were leant during the lab exercise from various sites toured. For instance, at the Seawater Purification System, students observed the works entailed in the course of seawater purification. In this regard, the staff elucidated the procedure for experiment and analysis of seawater, as well as acquisition of seawater attribute values.

Additionally, students had an experience with the mobula learning that its motion is via swimming in a pool or large water bodies, as depicted in the photo below.

Students were enlightened on mobula nutrition feeding via a flat mouth. Through touch, students learnt that the texture of the skin of the mobula is smooth and slippery. At the Dolphin Ambulance Pool, students viewed a bear and learnt that the carnivore is kept in a secured habitat using barbed wire, as depicted below.

Considering the aggressiveness of the bear, students learnt that any people wishing to view it need keeping a safe distance of not less than three feet. More so, students understood that keeping and maintaining marine animals is expensive considering that the construction of two connected pools at the site cost two million dollars. At the Penguins Living Park, penguins, such as the one shown in the photo below, are bred.

Students gathered diverse information detailing the nutrition and eating habits, and their growth and development especially their aging, gestation and longevity of their life.

The Need for Doing the Lab Exercise

Considering the diversity of animals and other living organisms in the ecosystem, students needed to carry out this lab exercise to understand the symbiosis of the two. The lab exercise brought light into the significance of every living organism or the ecosystem itself. Students touring the zoo had a chance to observe and learn the behavior of marine animals. As a result, learners in the lab exercise acquired a wider espousal on such marines as the mobula, with respect to their import in maintaining ecological balance in the ecosystem. The exercise introduced to students the need to protect water and marine animals, including the injured ones. Lastly, the exercise is needed to enhance students_x0092_ knowledge on the utility of seawater through purification. There was a need for the exercise to induce the recognition of the costs incurred in seawater purification and construction of water pools to rehabilitation of marine animals.


Carrying out this exercise made students appreciate how humans play a pivotal role in protecting water and marine life. In this regard, the recognition of human construction is a requisite for establishment of ecological balance. Animals interact with the ecosystem, and the ecosystem with the animals. This symbiosis introduces a balance that is necessary for continuation and conservation of life.

December 08, 2022

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