Language Development and Different Economic Positions of Schools

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Language Acquisition

Language acquisition refers to the process through which a person learns and masters a language so that they are able to understand and comprehend it. The ability to produce words and construct sentences from those words allows the person to communicate.

Learning Theory and Chomsky

Learning theory and Chomsky have disagreed on the subject of language acquisition. A conceptual framework known as learning theory describes the learning process, which includes taking in, processing, and remembering information. It needs conditioning, or the application of a reward or punishment to promote language acquisition, for it to succeed. On the other hand, Chomsky proposes that language is inborn and that it is during the crucial stages of development in the life of a person that language acquisition occurs. According to Chomsky, the ability to learn any human language is engraved in the mind of a child.

Listening, Speaking, and Reading

Another way through which children acquire language involves the process of listening, speaking, and reading. The steps enhance fluency in the language. Children pick their first words from their parents and when they are old enough to play with others, they pick up words from their playmates. This explains the process of listening which leads to speaking and this is where the children recite what they have heard. Reading enhances their language by exposing the children to different words and sentences.

Types of Schools

According to Finn, the four types of schools include the working-class, the middle-class, the affluent professional and executive elite.

Working-Class Schools

Working class schools accommodate children from low-income standards. The schools are understaffed and the classes are congested. Children gain basic knowledge from the schools and the curriculum is more result-oriented. Children gain knowledge which will enable them to transition to the next education level.

Middle-Class Schools

Middle-class schools have children from a higher income background as compared to those in working-class schools. There are more teachers and the children gain more knowledge where the classes are engaging but are moderated by a teacher. The children learn skills that propel them towards their goals.

Affluent Professional Schools

Affluent professional schools are institutions that accommodate children from affluent backgrounds. The teachers are more and the classes are spacious as they are not congested. The curriculum incorporates the talents and abilities of children, and the individuals are taught how to become independent individuals. The children are tested on how well they understand a topic through continuous assessments.

Executive Elite Schools

Executive elite schools are high-end institutions, and children who attend such schools are taught how to use reason to solve problems. The children are subjected to formative assessments and they are encouraged to make use of their talents and abilities.

February 09, 2023
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