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Languages of education

Languages of education are more developed institutions, and organizations such as the European Union have little effect on education (Language). The Council of Europe and the European Commission are the two elements of the European Union. The Council of Europe primarily offers a context within which education and culture are established, and it has had a significant influence on language education in Europe. Their primary concern is the production and security of language, as well as the development of linguistic ability in people. Since it is composed of forty-eight nations, it is also its responsibility to serve all languages within member states. Support for immigrant languages is limited, the main reason being the difficulty in getting the exact consensus across the states.

Policy of the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe has a policy in which several matters are protected. This policy mainly focuses on the "different languages and language varieties at different levels of proficiency and includes different types and competencies." It has also managed to come up with instruments of assessment, which are being accepted by the member states, despite the instruments not being standardized due to the complexities involved.

Mandate of the European Commission

The European Commission, on the other hand, has other mandates, which includes the formulation of an action plan for language learning. The European Commission was tasked with this function to give an educational action plan, whose main target is improving mastery and knowledge of skills from earlier ages. This will, in turn, equip Europe with knowledge. The action plan insists on the fact that all citizens should engage in language-learning. They function one policy which states that "Learning one lingua franca is not enough. Every European citizen should have meaningful communicative competence in at least two other languages in addition to his mother tongue. This is an ambitious goal, but the progress already made by the several Member States shows that this is perfectly attainable."

January 25, 2023
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