leaders are born and not made

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Some psychologists believe that leaders are born rather than made (Reynolds and Warfield, 2010)

They base their reasoning on the notion that 'the egg comes before the chick'. Debating whether their theory is correct or not is a never-ending process (Marques, 2010). However, empirical evidence shows that leaders are created rather than born (Khade, 2015).

First, myth has it that when one is born, they have the capacity for 'greatness,' as seen by Reynolds and Warfield (2010)

In contrast, the factors that form a leader include passion, courage, discipline, and persistence (Marques, 2010). Michelle Obama is a great leader who exhibits such associated characteristics: She knows her vision, acts with authenticity and is real (Fullan, 2011). Michelle intelligently manages boundaries, juggling public and private life yet she is only Barrack Obama's appendage. Before Obama became president, Michelle was a career woman who never thought she would become a leader some day. Being the first lady at former President Obama's regime, Michelle had to learn and practice to become a leader as observed by Fullan (2011).

When one is born, they begin to socialize

In these initial interactions, they attach themselves to and admire particular people who shape their future (Fullan, 2011). Out of such admirations emanate a variety of characters, ranging from the desire to become an athlete to the wish of becoming a leader in future. Fullan (2011) points out therefore, that leadership is acquired after birth, not before. Sir Richard Branson is a great influential business leader ("Sir Richard Branson's Inspiration", 2017). Branson’s boyhood inspiration was Douglas Boulder, a family friend ("Sir Richard Branson's Inspiration", 2017). Boulder never lost hope in life despite the fact that he had gotten involved in an accident that saw him lose both his legs. Bolder inspired Branson to soldier on in life amidst challenges to become the business leader he is today.


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April 26, 2023

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