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The Film's Portrayal of Leadership

The film is science fiction that depicts the concept of leadership as seen from the eyes of aliens as opposed to humans. According to the production, there are two characters named J and K who stand out for the immense assistance they provide in order to defend the privacy of the Aliens. A critical review of the film compares the film's leadership message to Machiavelli's laws on leadership. In essence, the bulk of the characters throughout the novel are akin to mature leadership. The behavior of lead UFOs, on the other hand, is an example of the fundamental force of control (Reader). Men in Black is derived from the individuals that take charge of the Aliens through consistent monitoring of their action. Looking at leaders as portrayed in the film, Machiavellian leadership approach is a disastrous method but effectively controlled. A creative approach towards the film analysis must therefore portray the principles of Machiavellian leadership.

Devotion and Commitment of the Agents

Members of the group are responsible in managing the Aliens from exercising any possible excesses to the detriment of humanity. According to Machiavelli, it is better to be feared than be loved. In other words, Machiavelli emphasizes the need of leaders to pursue set goals at all costs including ruthless and violent actions. As noted in the film, James Darrel efforts to arrest an alien lands him in a neutralization fate in which his thinking is erased. It is evident that leadership is also compounded by courage and endless commitment. Two agents in the film, K and J seem to dominate due to their strategic maneuver in the complex society .From such scenarios and actions of the agents, it can be noted that leadership comprise devotion, undivided commitment and consistency in decision making.

The Alien's Disguise and Lack of Conscience

The emergence of an Alien that invades Earth through crash-landing and kills a farmer to take his skin and disguise as human being is an indication of lacking conscience. The alien was able to appear as a human but act as alien. There are critical lessons that can be leant from the film. Centrality of Machiavelli laws are hinged on the principle that violence yield desirable political results that include intimidation of the opposition and neutralizing possible threat. He film was shot at a time when UFO could not say the truth. Besides, after taking the clothing other farmer, the alien went into a killing spree with one aim which is to lead. The underlying principle is that leadership must reconcile the adverse effects of a group with other factors. Frank the pug is another key character that reflects the standards on leadership (Janet). Leadership is essentially not given, but taken as noted in the case of the film. The underlying fact is that unlike aliens, men have conscience in as far as killing is concerned. The critical evaluation of the movie exposes the ferocity that aliens possess. If as leaders face opposition, the need to put in place sound remedial measures hold include control over violence. Overall the film is fairly technical but portrays the underlying concepts of Machiavellian leadership.

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