Leadership Motivation: Organizational Behavior

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I have a great motivation to lead

As evidenced by my score of 61 on the leadership motivation assessment. It is really important to me to be a dynamic leader who can motivate others. Nevertheless, despite my goals, I still have clear skills and weaknesses. The score was crucial in helping me identify areas where I can develop my skill set. I always have a good outlook and want to inspire everyone around me when I'm in a group. I like taking the initiative and coming up with original ideas that can motivate not just me but also other group members. I think the best way to maintain unity is to resolve individual disputes in a collective environment. As much as I have evident strong attributes, there are some minor weaknesses. I do not find myself to be the initiator of ideas. I often find myself at a loss when everyone depends on me to be the problem solver in any circumstance. I believe solving this weakness will include accepting leadership is a service rather than the mere notion of being a boss (Miner, 2015). Moreover, while I incline towards taking up my group members’ problems as my own, my focus is usually on issues that have the potential of disrupting group activities rather than helping individuals. A good way of fixing this problem is accepting that even minor personal matters can affect the group activities.

It takes more than a good boss to be able to lead people effectively

Leadership requires the dedication to serve others, share their problems, and maintain the peace that is necessary for excellent skills (Miner, 2015). Indeed, I have the potential to improve on my weakness while building on my strengths to ensure that I am a good leader.


Miner, J. B. (2015). Organizational Behavior 1: Essential Theories of Motivation and

Leadership. New York: Routledge.

March 23, 2023
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