Legend of Shabogessic

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In the second chapter

The writer indicates that Shabogessick brought a horse to the community. The natives had not seen one and were surprised. Shabogessick had a way of communicating with the land and definitely looked for a way to talk to the horse. He later called the people to the teaching rocks and shared with them what he had learned from the horse. His message was that there was a great change in the future, which will come quickly and scorch the people’s lives. The horse will be one of the many new things that will be seen. In this message, Shabogessick is referring to the changes brought about by civilization. The natives land was about to be invaded by the white man who was known by the natives as Zhaunagush, and there were many changes that were to follow.

Civilization would bring new things

In all aspects and the people’s lives will change. There will be developments of items that have never been seen in the isolated lands of the natives. There will be new sounds that have never been heard. It implied the technological devices, factories, and buildings the civilization would bring. It will change how the native people live and their way of thinking. However, Shabogessick advises the people that they must be ready to accommodate the changes. At the end of the chapter, the author indicates that the treaty men came to the natives and made them sign the register. It implied that the white man, Zhaunagush, had entered the land, which marked the start of civilization. The great change Shabogessick communicated to the people had started to be seen. I have not heard of a similar legend.

August 21, 2023
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