Lessons Learnt from the Teamwork

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I gained a lot of knowledge about cooperation and working with others to achieve a project from the teamwork.

In order to finish the project on time, I was able to learn how important it is to keep disagreements to a minimum when working in a team.

Additionally, I learned from the cooperation that it's critical to resolve disagreements graciously in order to prevent slacking off on the job in the case that one arises.

I'll be able to use the lessons I picked up from working in this team on my upcoming projects. Every member of the team was required to conduct research on a specific question, and present the findings to the team members at an agreed time. Question four was assigned to me, and I presented my findings promptly, and also listened to other opinions from the other team members. Moreover, during the discussions, I contributed to the results submitted by other members and listened to the ideas presented by the rest of the team mates.

Application of Information Learnt

The assignment has helped me analyze the issue of diversification in business. I have understood the challenges and opportunities presented by diversification, and how a company should go through them to ensure they maintain the focus of the firm. As such, I will use this experience to advise companies that aim at diversifying their business activities. I will also use the information gathered from this assignment to compile reports that I can present to firms that are seeking to expand their business activities.

Was it a Valuable Experience?

Working with the team on this assignment was a valuable experience. In addition to increasing my knowledge in handling diversification in business, it has helped in improving my interpersonal and communication skills. I am now in a better position to work with other teams in the completion of other projects and assignments.

February 09, 2023

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