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With utmost enthusiasm, it is my wish to express my interest in the assistant admin position posted on careerbuilder.com by your firm. Am a well presented, industrious and highly personable individual with in-depth experience in the administrative tasks. I believe that my passion for computers, a strong commitment to clerical and administrative tasks, and interest in covering the full spectrum of administrative duties make me an ideal candidate to join your firm. Furthermore, I have the capability to communicate multiple lines of businesses. I am proficient in all the MS Office programs, making it easier to perform clerical tasks such as preparation of financial statements and coding. With my superior multitasking talents, I can manage high priority assignments and handle many office equipments efficiently.

I have so much to offer noting that am a part-time student at the University of South Florida. It is a sign that I have less responsibility to cater for thus giving enough time and peace of mind to carry out the office tasks. I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in management which has equipped with more knowledge in research, logistic planning, analytical problem solving, writing and aesthetics. Once I combine all these with my natural talents and ethics, am sure that you will have a well-rounded candidate that you will be proud of.

In all my life, I have learned to approach any type a task as an opportunity for advancement and discovery of my career. I will use the same approach when tackling tasks from your firm; this includes the same value-added vision and entrepreneurial spirit to your firm.

I am confident enough that you will hire me and am looking forwarding to working with you. Attached is my resume enclosed for your review.


Yours sincerely,


September 11, 2023

Business Life

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