Life Cycle System Development

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The system development life cycle seeks to enhance the transition of company operations into new operational stages (Weitzel & Kerschberg, 1989). No stage or process is more vital than another because of the methodical way in which these stages are built; they all depend on one another. The SDLC model actually offers a structure for both technical and non-technical operations to produce high-quality systems that are intended to satisfy the desired organizational objectives. Every stage of the procedure must be given specialized attention because it involves several stages (Carroll, 1995). In most cases, processes will involve stage to stage until a final program is delivered, the stage becomes useful to the adjacent stage. To start from planning up to the final stage which maintenance and operations, it a concerned that they are equally tackled and put in place as needed for the effectiveness of the framework. If a business decides to make a change in any stage at any time, the company may be forced to revisit all other stages, this is because they all depend on each other and affecting or altering one stage it has either a positive or a negative impact.

Finally, system development experts may be required to ensure that the process is an update and well working as required. This is because there is no important care at any stage; every stage should be handled with same care to increase the productivity of the framework (Carroll, 1995).


Carroll, J. M. (1995). Scenario-based design: envisioning work and technology in system development.

Weitzel, J. R., & Kerschberg, L. (1989). Developing knowledge-based systems: reorganizing the system development life cycle. Communications of the ACM, 32(4), 482-488.

May 10, 2023

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