Literary Analysis Essay of “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin

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Kate Chopin wrote "The Story of an Hour." The narrative takes place in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard in the nineteenth century. It's a typical middle-class household. In comparison to the current situation of women in the modern world, the circumstances surrounding the treatment of women in the narrative are unusual. Ladies should obey their husbands by devoting their entire lives to raising a kid and caring for their houses. There is no time for their personal interests, diversions, or jobs. Women must devote their entire lives to servicing their spouses. The story begins with the acquaintance of the primary character with the reader. The main character is Mrs. Mallard. She is a young lady with a reasonable, smooth face. Throughout the story, there is evidence of restrain and power over women. She is stifled by her spouse, whose will twists her. She underestimates it, since it is a standard for that society where she lives. At first, she appears to be feeble; however, it is just at first look. A while later, she has ability to celebrate that she is free (Chopin 216). Her spouse does not control her completely, instead, her identity wins and at that point, she obtains a name – Louise. She becomes strong and free woman.

In addition, there are minor characters in the story. One of them is Josephine, Mrs. Mallard’s sister, who treats Louise delicately. She stresses over her and tries to protect her firmly from wretchedness. Richards, Mr. Mallard’s friend, additionally tries to protect Louise from the sad news. Furthermore, Mr. Mallard is a capable man. He tries to control her, and force his will on her. He does not consider his wife as an identity, just as slave.

Story Information

“The Story of an Hour” focuses on a young woman of the late nineteenth century. Mrs. Mallard feels fervor in the wake of discovering that her spouse has been murdered in an accident. Mrs. Mallard expects the likelihood of at last having the capacity to live for herself, as opposed to for or in connection to her spouse (Chopin 215). After discovering that her spouse did not indeed die in a train wreck as she had been told, Mrs. Mallard has a sudden heart attack.

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The general mood of "The story of an Hour" is sensational, enthusiastic, captivating, energizing and topical. The writer's attitude towards the characters is somber. It is communicated generically, through the depiction of sentiments of principle character. The writer builds pressure with sudden consummation, leaving the inquiry opened, permitting a reader to thoroughly consider the completion without anyone else.

Personal Information

I appreciated how Chopin presents extraordinary detail that gives us a chance to realize Mrs. Mallard’s feelings and thoughts, and additionally the distinctive attitudes and how she is gradually becoming a strong woman. The majority of this caught my creative ability and truly breathed new life into the situation for me. Taking everything into account, Chopin has gotten my consideration with a concise knowledge and feelings of a woman's life and how these exceptional changes prompted her demise toward the end .I have given the reasons why I delighted in this humorous story and how the witty title has captured my attention with its irony and tone. In addition, the story has given detailed information about the portrayal and treatment of women during the nineteenth century.

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Chopin, Kate. "The Story of an Hour." Elizabeth McMahon, Susan X Day, Robert Funk, Linda S. Coleman. Literature and the Writing Process. Backpack Edition. Boston: Longman, 2011. 215-217.

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