Loyalty and Social Media

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Social networking is a vital tool for businesses in attracting new clients, cultivating client loyalty, and keeping hold of current ones. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are useful as a medium for contact with both current and new clients.

According to Camillo and Pietro (2014), businesses use these platforms to conduct promotional operations that are frequently specifically tailored to meet the needs of the target market. Web-based features can be used by businesses to locate potential customers. This aids in developing marketing tactics that entice them into using the promoted goods. As such, social media can be utilized for customer acquisition, identification of loyal clients and thus aid in their retention.

According to Evans & Cothrel 2014, social media platforms are also used to keep contact between the company and its clients. By creating their social media accounts, companies allow its customers to easily access them as they can converse over the platforms available. This online interaction has created the need for businesses to employ social media managers and experts. The role of such managers and specialists is to provide online customer care services which are a convenient approach to help clients thus facilitating customer loyalty and retention.

Moreover, companies use brand ambassadors on their social media pages to encourage individuals to start or continue using a product. As put forward by burgess & Burgess, (2013), Brand ambassadors are often successful people with a broad following. They are online employees and once the corporates use such people on their social media platforms, they reach out to their fan base easily. Once individuals know that their role model uses a particular service or item, they would want to start or continue using the product thus the acquisition of new clients, creating loyalty as well as ensure customer loyalty.


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May 17, 2023


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