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Making information open-source and free

Making information open-source and free creates the potential to accelerate human progress by triggering the evolution of new ideas based on existing ones through discussion forums and explanations. "Making knowledge free and open-sourced will boost human development," according to the Toulmin model. In contrast to the lack of access to learning facilities, I believe that simple access to education will accelerate human progress.

Accessibility and benefits of knowledge

According to Clements, empirical findings suggest that having information readily available and accessible improves human growth. This simplicity further opens the door to a plethora of modern age networking and information and resource-sharing opportunities. The accessibility of knowledge also increases benefits with some effective knowledge management. Knowledge is an essential element in society from the fact that it triggers the evolution of new ideas based on existing ones; therefore, it is a moral obligation to make knowledge free and open-sourced. Easy access to knowledge facilitates positive human development since an individual learns from a variety of authors. Some people miss certain vital aspects of human development because they cannot freely and easily access knowledge. A book contains words of an author; different authors write different ideas of various dimensions. Therefore, easy access to knowledge will make people in society view ideas in many different aspects.


In conclusion, knowledge is an essential element because it significantly triggers the evaluation of many new ideas in society. Making knowledge free and open source improves decision making that yields positive results in anything that people are doing in society. Easy access to knowledge promotes positive human development. The making of knowledge free and open source will accelerate not only human development but also facilitate positive human development as discussed above.


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