Management Organizing Activities and Function

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The third essay in a series on classic characteristics of management, such as basic management functions and their relevance in today's society. Management organizing is defined as a function performed by arranging work to be done so that personnel may complete it most efficiently. As a result, the following are the major components of the organizing function: Creation of an Organizing Structure; Management Delegation; and Relationship Formation. To investigate the notion of holistic management organization, the author divides permanent organizations into two major categories: production-based organizations and project-based organizations. Product-based organizations can carry out projects either through an external contractor or internally within the organization. When done internally, the management must clearly define the organizing function. In a strong matrix organization, the project manager is fully responsible for the organizing function while in a weak matrix organization the functional manager is basically in charge of everything with the project manager acting just as a coordinator.

The first component of the organizing function is the development of an organizational structure. The manager has to identify and consequently group the work to be done. This component is greatly influenced by the form of organizational structure. The author emphasizes that there are a lot of models of organizational structure with all evolving from the classic functional and divisionalized model. The second component, management delegation, involves assigning duties and entrusting responsibility and authorities to specific people. The last component of management organizing is establishing relationships. In this case, the manager creates conditions necessary for mutual cooperation between individuals in the organization. This encompasses both formal and informal relationships.


Stretton, A. (2015). Management Organizing Function and Activities. PM World Journal Vol. IV, Issue IX- September 2015. Retrieved from

May 10, 2023

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