Healthcare Management Research Capstone project

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List of Sources for Healthcare Management Research Capstone Project

A list of the sources I intend to use to cite in my Healthcare Management Research Capstone project is included in the paper. Finding the appropriate research resources can be difficult, and there are many options accessible. Books are the first sources to take into consideration when conducting research because they contain information that is reliable and includes a professional overview of the themes and topics of interest, historical information, and in-depth descriptions of scholarly works. Background information that is trustworthy and adds depth to the research subject is necessary for issues relating to healthcare. As a result, books make excellent research sources because they allow you to contextualize your research query in relation to other important issues.

Journals and Articles

The second resource to use is journals and articles as they contain information that has undergone a dynamic peer review process. Notably, the reviewing process involves being checked by academic experts and scholars and thus making the information contained in them reliable. Additionally, the journals have the element of containing topics that have accurate information, and the researcher finds it easy to access the relevant information easily. Also, the journal articles are known to contain research reports and reviews on current issues and scholarly information. The journals contain original research on topics, written by experts and scholars in addition to having documented information that is factual.


The third resource that is of benefit is the websites as they contain latest information and news about controversial topics, trends, and current events. Notably, they may also hold government publications on healthcare concerning service information and legislation, statistics, and reports. Correspondingly, the websites that have verifiable information may contain maps, symposium, conference, and workshop papers, in addition to research papers, newspapers articles, and interviews that may help in the healthcare research. The selected research resources have data that is reliable and certifiable, and they stand a chance to help in supporting the ideas of the investigation since they have an authentic origin. The following is a reference list to be utilized to conduct research on the healthcare topic.


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July 07, 2023
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