Management Principles in Wellington Chocolate Company

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Management principles are guidelines for planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling of operations in a company or any other organizations to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Giving example of WCF), management principles are applied as a guideline for execution of management actions and decision making (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2015). Below are the major management principles that have been applied by Wellington Chocolate Company (WCF).

WCF has delegated duties to its employees based on specialty and work experience. For example, Co-founders Gabe Davison and Rochelle Harrison and the Board of Directors govern the company, James Bushell is the ethics officer, and Richard Shirtcliffe is on board of advisory capacity.  Gabe is the CEO/General manager, while Matthew Morrison is the operations’ manager, leadership as well as culture. Under the management positions, we have the production staff, dispatch, and sales front of house teams. Division of duties among WCF employees improves team work and efficiency in production process.

Remuneration has also been applied to motivate workers and productivity of chocolate bars. Remuneration can be monetary or non-monetary. It majors to reward efforts that has been successful. In WCF, the staff meet every month and have beers and pizza as they update matters related to production, sales target, recent news such as awards or media attention, and new specialty products. Remuneration goes hand in hand with the principle of unity of direction, it ensures all the WCF staff are on the same page. WCF has ensured unity of direction by having meetings on weekly basis to update activities, events and discussion of current issues.

In addition to management principles, WCF has incorporated management theories to guide managers to efficiently run the company. The manager relates the business goals to the explained theories, hence, helping in effective implementation of the company’s plans. The management theory applied by WCF is systems theory. It emphasizes on metaphysical and scientific contexts with aim of realising an inclusive and stable business. WCF requires inputs, which include coffee beans as the raw material, technology, and money and man power in to produce Chocolate bar as their final output. Removal of any necessary resource may result in business failure. WCF has its own criteria which it uses to select raw materials to ensure production of quality products. It also has Human resource department to ensure mutual benefit between the organization and employees, thus, increasing productivity (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2006).

WFC has an established management framework that ensure the programmes of the company are run smoothly to meet the desired goals of the factory. WCF management framework is two tier, supported by a board of directors that govern the company. The first tier consists of Gabe-CEO/ General Manager, Matt-Operations’ manager, James Bushell-Ethics officer and Shirtcliffe advisory capacity. The second tier consists of Oliver- production manager and Sebastian-commercial manager. The production staff, sales, dispatch, and front house teams are all under the managerial positions. WCF staff also has a one accounts manager and a team of tasters all over the county.

In summary, management principles, theories and framework are essential tools for any business organization to effectively plan, organize, coordinate, and make decisions, implement, and achieve desired goals (Hugos, 2018).


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October 24, 2023



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