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The Canadian Connection of Mandarin Restaurant

The Canadian connection that the Mandarin restaurant has had helps them draw quite a lot of customers. It was my goal to disprove a number of myths and truths regarding Mandarin Restaurant during my visit. I chose to become a patron of the restaurant in order to learn more about it. I had to act like a distinguished guest in order to find out more, and my goal was to talk to the welcoming staff. Definitely distinguishable as a quality establishment is the restaurant. I used cutting-edge strategies that let me speak with the senior management team. People, especially couples, spend their free time hanging out in these establishments. Restaurants ensure the customer's preference and choice are met, and this could be witness upon arrival. The services offered by different restaurant may differ across. This will depend on the customer's satisfaction. One customer will feel satisfied with the kind of services offered by a given restaurant while another customer will not be satisfied by the same service. I also intended to conclude my refreshment in restaurant by joining club section to enjoy with others. This strategy will enable determine how other people behave and feel about the restaurant.

The Magnificent Location and Quality of Services

Well, if you're looking for a restaurant to dine in, Mandarin is the place to be. Mandarin restaurant is located at 2206 Eglinton Avenue East Scarborough, ON M1L 4S7. The magnificent looking restaurant will for sure satisfy every individual's desire. The quality of services offered is favorable for every individual, ranging from the meals available to the services by the waiters. Mandarin restaurant is, therefore, with no doubt, the best place that one should consider to dine in.

The Interior Design and Variety of Food

The entrance to the restaurant is eye-catching, with full blooming colorful flowers in a small flowerbed just beside the entrance. A long, tree-lined path directly leads customers to the parking lot which is located at the back door of the restaurant. One entering the restaurant, one's attention will be drawn by the many chandeliers that are hanging from the ceiling, which makes the hall shine brilliantly. The restaurant pillars, painted red are standing firmly inside the restaurant, with a golden dragon curved at the top of each, displaying a full characteristic of Chinese (Lee, et al, 2016). This is no doubt a Chinese restaurant because of the interior design that is a replica of the Chinese culture. I was led to the seat in the first row of the maroon background room. All the foods are placed in the hall of the marble table. It also offer wide range of food culture since there are meals of different varieties ranging from salads, pancakes, Japanese sushi, side dishes, dessert and pastries, a hundred of other different dishes on the long table.

Delicious Food and Unique Dining Experience

There is a big salad bar with many fresh veggies, fruits, and proteins to choose from. One can create his own salad in a flash. There are spicy salmon rolls, spicy tuna roll, B.B.Q. Ell roll, Green dragon roll, Salmon avocado roll, Las Vegas roll, Fried asparagus roll and much more. Honey Garlic Spare Ribs and sour Peking style pork were my best. For a Chinese, the main meal is always Rice. Apart from the popularly common steamed rice, there is plain fried rice, chicken fried rice, vegetable fried rice and beef fried rice. I as a meatiest I preferred Honey Garlic Spare Ribs since it is the best dish that a meatiest can have. Sweet and sour Peking style pork, Kung Pao chicken and Black pepper steak are also among the best dishes that a meatiest could have as well while at Mandarin restaurant.

Excellent Service and Atmosphere

One cannot waste food in the restaurant. Suppose you have eaten to your satisfaction, the waiter evaluates the meal that remains on your plate, and if it is more than twenty percent of the food that u had served, the waiter will ask you to pay an extra amount. Any moment when a customer is close to finish his meal, the waiter will come over. This is an observation that I had made after dining in the restaurant after three visitations. The waiters are well skilled, and it is rare for simple avoidable mistakes to be made. One feature that really pleased me is that the lemon water is offered for free and when your glass is empty, you can ask the waiter for more as much as you want. A long line usually exists after six o'clock. Therefore I always prefer reservation. During the weekends, better cuts of beef and snow crab legs are offered for dinner. The most expensive time during the weekends in the evenings.

Versatile Services and Outdoor Events

The restaurant has its own free public address system that is provided for free in case of events. The restaurant is so versatile it offers various kinds of services. There were adults, children, and all different groups enjoying the atmosphere.

Takeout, Delivery Services, and Party Menus

However, no hope is lost for those who prefer to dine at home at the restaurant will be the best choice for you. During cold and frosty weather where individuals would want to spend most of the times in the house, the restaurant will provide services that will be a great deal to you. The restaurant has takeout and delivery services. Hence one will have the meal of his choice delivered on his doorstep. The restaurant also hosts outdoor events. For instance, if one wants to hold a party at home, one need not to worry since the restaurant got your back. The restaurant does offer party menu. If a party consists of 20 people, there is a menu that is best suitable for the group. For example, menu A will include forty pieces of golden fried chicken wings, twenty dinner rolls, twenty vegetable spring rolls, plain soft noodles, Beef with mixed Chinese vegetables, sweet and sour spareribs and honey twist. These wide ranges of dishes are suitable for those who are vegetarians and to those who are meatiest. These menus are also helpful to people who are not good at cooking. Another observation that I also made is that every meal offered in the restaurant has a significant amount of calorie accompanying it. Each meal has a corresponding calorie that customers can choose different food depending on their demands.

Host Outdoor Events and Serving Large Groups

The restaurant can also host outdoor events at individual request. The restaurant also has a similarly long menu that can serve a significantly large population of over a hundred people. With their ability to cook almost all types of meals, and their transportation modes, they are therefore able to conduct any ceremony when called upon.

Customer Behavior and Restaurant Experience

Due to different personality and a different background, people may behave differently depending on their social-cultural background. Some family members prefer taking their children to a restaurant something that does not go well with other customers who prefer that kids or those with family should stick to their rooms. Even though some people feel that their family has the right to eat in a restaurant, it's very important for parents to teach their kids how to behave. There was a point where one child decided to interrupt others, customers, meals. These acts interfere with the mood of those who were having a good time nearby. Being a well-known restaurant, the raised a complained as such behave render them a displeasure. Since some of them were drunk, they started making a loud noise calling for management intervention. Their enjoyment mood was interfered with as two customers who were nearby were dirtied by food. The child pushes the table leaving several meals on the floor. The possible reasons why some customers complained a lot was that the parents of the kids acted as if the behave was ok. The parent would watch their kid run around the waitstaff, and at some point, they would lay on the floor screaming. All this scene were part of my experience in the restaurant.

Overall Experience and Conclusion

My experience was quite good, and I enjoyed every bit of entertainment in the restaurant. The establishment of mandarin itself is very stunning, and I enjoyed the fish themed room. The aquariums were displayed with beautiful fish swimming around. This quite different from others whose party was spoilt by a misbehaving child. It is the role of parents to teach their kids how to behave while at home. Sometimes children may throw food, fight and scream in their loudest volume which may not be good for other customers.

Mandarin Restaurant: A Successful Chinese Restaurant

This is one of the successful Chinese restaurants around the world, many have tried to influence a big number of customers and be a destination for people around.

The Social World and Creating Loyalty Programs

The social world many restaurants are seeking to create depends on some factors which may include; customers' needs, taste, the culture of the city and infrastructure in the area.

Loyalty programs

The restaurant seeks to create loyalty programs which involve partnering with online food app as their marketing plan. Creation of the program will influence more visitors a discount depending on a number of times he or she visit and purchase (Fine et at, 2008). They offer free water and other items as a way of maintaining their customers.

Monitoring social media

Social media is one of best marketing strategies that many businesses employ in today world. Creating Facebook business page is easier, and this platform is normally visited by many people around the world. Even twitter account should be kept active and sharing special discount that attracts different kinds of customers. These social sites are good, and the restaurant should keep all their activities happening in it.

Food blogger outreach

Many restaurants have tried this in the past; it involves looking for competent food bloggers to awareness of restaurant services and facilities that a person can enjoy. Food bloggers have big followers, and they can get huge influence on the restaurant (Fine et at, 2008).

Mandarin Restaurant: A Unique Dining Experience

I loved the variety of dishes in Mandarin restaurant, this because their meals make a healthy choice. The restaurant staff and management are very friendly; their dishes are just the related to other restaurants. Despite the fact that Mandarin offers quite a variety of food, their dishes remain related with another restaurant. Their services remain unique compared with others, and this has enabled them to maintain their customers. The similarity with others can include the following areas; facilities, design, dishes and friendly staff. They use don't make many advertisements which seems to be similar to others. They motivate their staff to continue offering good services on the premises (Searle, 2010).

Wide Range of Services and International Influence

They offer WI-FI, outdoor seating and parking areas which are also similar to another restaurant around the world. They also provide price range which gives all customers an opportunity to choose based on the size of his or pocket. Many restaurants also offer this services around the world as they tend to influence their customer. The restaurant has partnered up with other delivery services which enables them to boost sale. This is where ordering process is being streamline online, and the transaction is made online. This idea has also been used by many restaurants which around Toronto areas and others around the world. This also enables the attraction of first-time customers around the globe (Searle, 2010). Globally many communities tend to behave according to their local background setting. The food system around the world is almost similar and Mandarin restaurant seem to have taken advantage of this and attracted more customers. Culture as a way of life has influenced greatly the kind of food a person may eat. Despite the restaurant offering different kind of dishes it's a decision for an individual to choose what he or she is familiar with. At a glimpse one may say the restaurant if for Chinese people but that may be the case since they tend to deal different persons from different background. All design and decoration are made in Chinese style just to ensure the restaurant is more attractive.

Mandarin Restaurant: A Multicultural Dining Destination

Canada is such a multicultural place. There is diversification of cultures ranging from Chinese to African. Due to different personality who visit the restaurant, there is new styles of doing things which integrates into foreign cuisine elements which have aimed at creating a unique hot pot culture from its services, environment, and products. To ensure the authentic taste of hot pot, the owner has insisted on selecting hotpot seasonings imported from Chongqing, which is the brand's origin. The restaurant has numerous parking spaces, though I have never found a parking space within the square. My priority is always the underground parking space. The restaurant is well organized as it is easy to drive guests in and out of the parking.

Exquisite Food and Cultural Fusion

The different types of foods available at Mandarin restaurant show the diversity of cultures since there is food that is available for a variety of cultures. Despite the restaurant being a Canada restaurant, different varieties of food are offered which resemble Chinese culture. There also exist meals that are best suited for the people living in Toronto. Despite the restaurant being located in Toronto, it is evident that it represents another culture since the outline of the restaurant; the dragon carvings portray that the restaurant is of the Chinese origin. Mandarin restaurant has enabled further diversification of the Chinese culture among individuals. It match international standard hence influence dignitary from different communities. Globally the restaurant meets expectation of customers with variety of dishes their offer. Their culture is quite unique that every person from different locality would wish to enjoy.

Mandarin Restaurant: The Best Place to Dine In

Following my experience, it is sufficient to conclude that Mandarin restaurant is no doubt the best restaurant that one can dine in. With the variety of dishes provided and the services offered, it has enabled people from different walk of the earth fulfill their desires, not only the Chinese alone but also people around Toronto area.

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