Manderson's Ideas about Law

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importance of conceptual frameworks
The importance of laws in printing newspapers, writing articles, making advertising, and during sporting events, the engagement of children with the law during their creation, and the achievement of society due to compliance with regulations are all main concepts explored by Manderson in the document.
Examples of Manderson's Legal Thoughts
According to the article describing Manderson's concept of law functions, laws are derived from safeguarded myths by sacred rituals. People create specific codes of behavior due to the presence of legends, that reinforce their beliefs and preserve their cultures and values. In communities, it has been speculated that the best way to achieve harmony is to comply with particular inherited beliefs and values through codes of conduct. These codes of conducts become laws which are required to be followed by all members of a particular social group or setting (Manderson 2003, p. 89).
According to the article by Manderson, myths form the basis of creation of national anthems, newspaper advertisements, and sporting events. Most of these activities are conducted in compliance with particular beliefs and cultures that are determined by myths. For instance, national anthems are developed with the use of particular ideas about culture and recommended ways of life of people as the guiding approach (Manderson 2003, p. 97).
The interaction with laws is illustrated to be analogous to a childhood normative experience in interaction with regulations and codes of conducts which motivates their tendency to question why they have to become certain types of people in the society. The process of interaction may be accompanied with defiance, but eventually they understand the importance of laws in contributing to the universality of the society. This is illustrated in the story of 'Where the Wild Things Are', in which the objective is to illustrate to the children the importance of laws and regulations despite their attempt to become wild. The laws that are applicable in this case pertain to anger management and channeling temper to understand who they are. The story illustrates the interaction of children with laws by emphasizing the need for its proper interpretation. It also explains that the followers of law do not only have the duty to comply with its requirements, but also contribute to its interpretation and critical evaluation of its suitability for their needs and interests. It emphasizes that children should not only be followers of law, but also see themselves as those who can contribute to its interpretation (Manderson 2003, p. 94).
The process of civilization and acceptance of law is conducted through constant education about the laws. It requires quick learning and acceptance of self-discipline in order to understand the laws. The law results into little need for thinking by the person who obeys it, and emphasizes on the need to think about another person. However, responsibility is acquired in the manner in which one interprets them.
The article by Manderson explains the role of myths and beliefs in contributing to the creation of laws, the importance of laws in performing activities that address the needs of multicultural society such as printing of books, creation of newspapers, or during sporting events. It also explains the importance of interaction with laws as a means of achieving personal development among children. Lastly, it provides an insight about the role of laws in contributing to civilization of the society.
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Manderson, D., 2003. From hunger to love: Myths of the source, interpretation and constitution of law in children's literature. Law and Literature, 15(1), p. 87-100.

December 15, 2021

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