Manifesting Your Goals Using a Desire Map

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We are not born with the ability to name emotions. Rather, we develop an awareness of these feelings by tuning into them in different situations. For example, we may feel excited when we make plans with friends, nervous before an exam, inspired by an art exhibit, or delighted when someone compliments us. While it might take us a moment to name each emotion, the practice is helpful for developing the ability to recognize it in others. Each emotion also passes and makes way for the next experience.

Core Desired Feelings

When it comes to manifesting your goals, a desire map can be a powerful tool to help you find the answers that you need. Using a desire map, you can identify your core desired feelings and prioritize them in order to make them a reality. For example, a Beemer could make you feel vital, energized, lit up, and money. A guy or money would help you feel vital, and if you're feeling vital, great things will happen for you.

In the Desire Map course, LaPorte includes questions to help readers determine their core desired feelings. The course also provides comprehensive lists of examples of different types of emotions that people commonly experience. For instance, a person may be tired all the time. This tired feeling may be an indicator of a core desired feeling. Another example would be thinking about how you felt when you were a child. If you remember the way you felt when you were a child, that could be an indicator of your core desired feelings.

Once you've determined your core desired feelings, the next step is to check whether your current life goals align with them. If they do, then you may want to double-down on the goal.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Need and Want Emotion is an important theory to understand human behavior and emotions. In this theory, people prioritize certain needs before moving onto higher ones, such as self-esteem. However, many studies suggest that the order of these needs is not rigid. For example, love and self-esteem can sometimes be more important than financial security. Furthermore, Maslow's theory does not take cultural differences into account.

The first level of Maslow's hierarchy is a person's physiological needs. These include things like food, sleep, and rest. In terms of health, these are very important. In addition, they help a person reproduce. Safety needs include things like financial security and protection from violence.

The last level of Maslow's hierarchy is the social level. People have a strong need to feel accepted and loved by others. They can meet this need through personal relationships, professional activities, and athletics. This level can also be met by participating in religious groups. Self-esteem is also an important aspect of human behavior. Without it, people may feel inferior or isolated.

The top level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is self-actualization. Self-actualization means living up to your full potential and knowing what matters to you. This level of self-actualization is not possible without meeting the other levels of needs. However, Maslow did not believe that achieving self-actualization was common.

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