Market Reforms and Women's Rights

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The age of great reforms, growth, and industrial technology in American history was a favorable and essential time for women's rights. Female workers were initially subjected to a variety of oppressions in industries and other jobs. Women were not given similar possibilities to hold different roles as males, and they were underpaid in workplaces, unlike men. Gender inequality and oppression in the labor market compelled women to march for market reforms against forces that marginalized them (Larson 5). The lobbying of women for their rights was neglected since the factory administration ended up replacing the elderly ladies with foreign labor. Therefore, it made the women start fighting for their rights in every business opportunity.

The market revolution during this period benefited and protected women rights in different ways. Women in the middle class rose to higher positions in the job market after the trials of their capabilities. The reforms brought about gender equality in the marketplace where women could also become administrators and senior officials of the companies. It protected women rights as they could multitask in executing household chores and maintaining punctuality at their workplaces (Larson 6). The revolution eventually freed women from underpayment and oppression of women by masculinity in various job positions. Since the most influential factor for market reforms was religion, most women attended churches services to advocate for their rights. At this time, only churches could help in fighting for women rights in the job market even though men continued to undermine the female sex. The revolution erased the misconception that only men are responsible for the financial situations in the family. Thus, the market reforms enabled women to work for a good pay to achieve personal desires.

Work Cited

Larson, John Lauritz. "The market revolution in early America: An introduction." OAH Magazine of History 19.3 (2005): 4-7.

May 02, 2023

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