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Due to rising urbanization and population expansion, the mobile industry has expanded its growth. With a CAGR of 6.8% and further expected projection of more than $335.9 billion, growth has accelerated in developing economies. Due to the presence of numerous well-known manufacturers like as Research In Motion Limited, Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., HTC Corporation, LG Electronics Inc., and Apple Inc., this market is extremely competitive. Due to the emergence of new technology and the introduction of innovation, this market has inevitably expanded, making it the leading industry that has significantly expanded and enhanced global economic development. In this paper, I will discuss Apple Inc. as my company of reference toward the discussion of the topic.

Promotion Strategies

Apple Inc. has continues maintain good consumer preference. Thus its potential customers are very rarely in changing their habits of brand use. They have simplified consumer choice application and better models of the phone like in shape and size, instant messages, regional network preference, and text features. They have to evolve to accommodate the global market. They have choice business to the consumer model of business to be customer oriented; this is by offering good and quality products which are classy and durable(Ryan, 2016). Their services are also unique in nature and customers and even by the product from more than 250 retailer stores all around the world or even perchance then online through their website platform and online shops like Amazon.

They have maintained good reputation through having a good public image. The customer is happy to be associated with the excellent services and quality product. To increase and retain customer's faith and confidence, they have created a strong brand of goods which comes from employing new innovative app developers and also diversity in other fields like musicians, artists, and historian to have the different and unique perspective of creativity. This medium of diverges creativity has helped them to build the brand name in the global market. Their service is also available at the Apple Store Genius Bar; customers can use Database on Apple Website or even have a chat with support staff on the live social network platform (Eaton, Elaluf, Sorensen, & Yoo, 2015, pp. 217-243).

Pricing Strategies

Due to Apple Inc. product's having unique packaging feature, long warranty duration, and secure products, they have maintained high standard status and only the chosen few customer who can purchase their products. This factor has led them to maintain good sales and profit margin; this is because of having a trustworthy customer from higher living standard status who request their products and services from individual companies only (Slama, Puhlmann, Morrish, & Bhatnagar, 2015). They are not profit oriented but consumer base orient, this have helped them to lead in wireless technology.

Competitive Advantages

They smartphone have good connectivity growth in wireless technology by having features like GSP, WLAN, and NFC. The products also allow for VoIP services, file transfer, internet access, headset connectivity, and fingerprint sensors for security purposes. They model are Sims embedded based which allow virtual identity cards which help in data downloading and peer-to-peer communication (Penttinen, 2016). Apple phone can only operate on apps that are purchased from its own Apple Store Genius Bar, this help to avoid viruses from an illegally manufactured application. It builds its hardware and software which are only used to its products. This reason has provided substantial competitive advantages from other mobile companies.

They consistently phone dynamic and also diverse and stylish in look and have good ecosystem features which please insatiable customers minds from the right range of products like iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple watch which are unique in the market. Its operating system does not allow applications from other manufacturers. Another competitive advantage it partners with other companies and also has huge retailer stores worldwide which enable it to efficiently distribute its products and customer can access those store making it have massive selling turnover.


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February 14, 2023
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