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The Rise of Urbanization

The gradual but rising rise of towns in any society or country is referred to as urbanization. The rise of urban centers in society has some advantages for the country. This entire process is distinguished by the proper provision of social amenities and other human benefits to the population. In general, urban centers have served as the varied residences of the authority since time immemorial (McAdam, 2002). This simply means that the offices of national leaders are located in cities. In this particular study, I intend to focus on the Greek city of Athens. From the time, people settle into an urban settlement like the main cities like Athens a gradual increase in the number of dwellers will be realized, as many people tend to look for green pastures (Rich, 1992). This is motivated by the fact that most people in the entire continents believe that employment is mainly found in urban centres. Therefore, the city of Athens has also not become an exception. If the UN data is anything to go by (Kenny et al, 2016), the figures show that in the year 1960, the Athens had a population of 2,246,000. Consequently, in the year 1980, the population then stood at (UN 2015) 3,737,550. In the early year 2000, the city's population was 5,662,346. The UN urban agglomeration estimate stands at 11.8 million by the year 2020. From this increase in the data shown in this article, it can be seen that urban population is not static.

The Impact of Immigration

Due to immigration into the main cities, the population is subject to change. From the data, the overall level of urbanization in the country of Greece, as well as the city itself, is at a rapid state. More houses that are modern continue to rise as private developers have since taken the active practice of building houses for the urban dwellers. However, due to the swelling number of people who direly need decent housing. The progress that is being realized in the urbanization process can be attributed to government's better ways of management.

The Future of Urbanization

Using Athens as a point of reference to bring my arguments (UN 2015) into reality by using liable data from the UN report, the percentage of Greece's urban population by the year 2020 is estimated to be around 45% regarding growth rate (Damgaard & Andersen, 2009).


To draw up my conclusion, the process of urbanization will, in the same way, continue to be realized in many continents. As people struggle to secure white-collar jobs that are mainly found in major cities, there is the likelihood that we will be treated to many towns rising in areas that were previously remote. As I have already established in this piece of the research paper, some advantages are attributed to the growth of cities. These range from better social amenities to good roads and better education to our children in the society (Leontidou, 2006). Good provision of services is the backbone of any better performing government in the world over let us embrace urbanization.


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May 17, 2023


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