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You have selected an ITSM tool  that is ITIL compliant in your week 2 activity. Now, you justify the choice of this tool.

1. State the purpose of the tool

The tool chosen was Marval ITSM software. Its purpose is to help in multi-level service management thereby driving down costs, improving effectiveness, and optimizing service delivery. Additionally, the tool provides desk software solutions to customers.

2. Using screenshots of the tool, provide a brief example of an appropriate scenario of use indicating which ITIL service lifecycle phase, process or function the scenario relates to.

A good scenario for using Marval platform is when an organization has diverse client base. For instance, the City of Ottawa has its over 15,000 staff distributed over 300 locations. The Marval platform facilitates self-service portal through its ITSM software that reduces the burden on customer care and creates convenience on the part of the employees. This feature eliminates the need for emails by the staff. This scenario forms the design stage of the ITIL service lifecycle. Additionally, ITSM solutions entails responding to calls by the staff towards the service desk. The Marval technology picks the calls of the staff and guides them on how to use online tools to solve their problems or direct them to a customer care for assistance. This forms the realization stage of ITIL. Lastly, the ITSM services indicates the different customer service that are supported by Marval platform. These may include checking the work list, payment system, and available equipment in the city’s warehouse or workers distribution in the city. This forms the retirement stage of ITIL.

3. Identify and describe the core features of the tool, and whether these features are ITIL compliant.

The core features of the Marval tool includes;

Cloud services – This tool connects the Marval user to another online platform such as Amazon and Google safely by protecting their personal details such as password.

Operation management tools – These tools facilitate the management of information on the Marval platform by alloing users to edit tables or graphs regarding their work schedule. Some of the tools used for operation management in Marval include SCOM and SSCM.

 Development tools – These include tools that tracks and removes bugs to ensure the Marval platform operats efficiently without any external IT problems.

Continous integration tool – This entails integration of different information from the different departments of Ottawa City. It includes Teamcity tool in which member of different departments can sign in and explain the challenges they experience in their work.

4. Using Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM tools, evaluate the tool in terms of the quadrant’s 2 dimensions.





Niche Players



Looking at Marval, it is noticed that it fall in the second quadrant of Gartner Magic ITSM tools since it is highly executable and a high completeness of vision in its tools.

September 11, 2023
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