Mary Wollstonecraft's "Vindication of the Rights of Woman" and Plato's "Republic"

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The patriarchal organization of the society allocates a seemingly objective and natural element of human communities in terms of the societal arrangement of gender inequality, class systems, and governance. The paper will use texts to explain the social and the historical ways of relating to one another in a community.

            Mary Wollstonecraft argues about feminism. Mary pitted herself against closed-minded thinkers who held the impression that; women and men are different from each other and that the society is naturally built on the belief (Wollstonecraft 1). In my thinking, Mary’s call for reform is still valid in the community today because some communities practice inequality (Wollstonecraft 1). Despite the belief by people that women are inferior, the world is changing. I strongly believe that her book served as an empowerment tool for the women that stood to fight against gender inequality.

            Moreover, Plato Republic acts as a mirror of political and individual justice. Plato compares the soul of an individual to the three major social classes that are found within our communities. A society struggles to achieve the requisite relationship of influence and power (Plato 1). In my thinking, Plato soul analog is similar to the three classes that dominate our society resulting in a society governed by individualism, gender inequality, and class differences. In my opinion, if every member of the society tries to have a just soul, then social and political justice will prevail.

            Furthermore, Aristotle Politics centers on the ‘politeia’ that is a constitutional-based government. His concept of a good constitution is aimed at eliminating the class differences in our society that brings inequality and discrimination in the society (Aristotle 1). In my opinion, Aristotle provides a solution to the class difference in the society as having a middle class because they serve as an arbitrator and thus they should be included in the politeia constitution.  

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August 21, 2023


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