McDonald's E-commerce Strategy

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McDonald’s is a food store that services customers with different consumable products. The firm is the universal institution that services clients from a different culture, age groups, and background through the common food brands. The management has considered the use of E-commerce with the aim of competitive gain advantage in the market. E-commerce has benefited it, especially when reducing customer traffic when accessing the physical stores. E-commerce allows the customers to make orders an online platform which is then delivered at their promises by the company. There is an app developed specifically to help the university students to pre-order their food substances to ease preparation or delivery by the McDonald’s. The E-commerce platforms are convenient especially when shopping certain products as the client has the opportunity to select the appropriate item without coercion. Therefore, when clients are in the position to shop anywhere is an important motivator that increases the number of sales to about $294 billion annually.

The E-commerce information systems were implemented through an app that contains all the products of the company where the customers access them and select the appropriate ones. Also, the McDonald ’s website is developed in a manner that the client can access and make orders of the identified items. Business processes are enhanced, in that, the company can now focus on the production and delivery of the products even though the waiting bay is not spacious. Most of the customers prefer ordering the product online rather than accessing the physical stores. Finally, the customer service process is enhanced as the client has an option of canceling the order as long as it is done within a certain deadline after ordering. The customer can also give their feedbacks direct using the WebChat platform where there is live communication support.

September 18, 2023


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