Medea in Euripides’ Medea

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Through the play “Medea” by Euripides just as it starts with a tragic portrayal of a compassionate lady rejected we get to understand the character of Medea from the Greece mythology. Medea is very profoundly ashamed as she hides within her home. She ultimately feels despaired and dishonored and gives up a terrible life. On the contrary, she does not remain a lamenting victim for long. Medea gets furious towards Jason her husband who has shamed her by marrying a second wife. To Medea, she has to take revenge to have a balance of everything in life through ensuring that justice and injustice have to prevail where necessary. According to her, justice is hurting the enemies and becoming a supporter of the friends. She believes that whatever she will do makes a heroine no matter the consequences.

Medea’s Revenge

Jason has become the enemy to Medea and the latter the best way to get justice is by killing Jason. She stands by her words where she plots and organizes the killing of Jason’s new house that is Princess Creusa and King Creon. This is clear evidence that Medea is a monster who stands a brilliant epitome of the justice she sought that makes her a heroine where helps her friends and harms the enemies. Although Medea hurts the enemies, she cannot be branded as a heroine because she creates the image of a Medusa-like woman who grins obsessively as she stands on the corpses of the victims with her hands full of blood and therefore she becomes a monster.

The Killing of Medea’s Sons

Through her revenge, Medea kills her sons as she is determined to destroy the house of Jason because Jason’s name, her enemy, has to completely forgotten. She is indeed a monster by killing her children as she cannot find pity within herself to spare her blood. At the same time, Medea becomes a victim as she the dead children her hers. She weakens in the face of such a heinous deed, and for some seconds she is sad, a woman who is lost and despaired. She kills her children with the same zeal that she had while committing regicide and through this, the legacy of Jason is destroyed. What is left for Medea is to celebrate as the enemy is in anguish where Jason has to understand that his wife has ultimately become a lioness which is more violent than a sea monster. Medea finds satisfaction from the growing hatred of Jason. Besides, she believes to have won the battle as the enemy is undergoing a period of turmoil.


In tandem Medea is a child murdering monster and also a victim as she is scorned by the justice she has achieved? Theoretically, she to some extends a heroine by getting her justice although her terrifying deeds create a monster. She is strange and startles a paradox because human beings are expected to portray some aspect of kindness. Revenge to a human being does not go to the extent of allowing oneself to be controlled by malicious acts. Medea actions do not startle her weird deeds, and therefore she qualifies to be a monster. She should possess the feminine nature of being kind in as much as she seeking justice.

November 24, 2023

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