Meet The Patels: A Heartwarming Documentary on Love and Culture

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Meet the Patels is an interesting real-life romantic comedy film directed by Ravi Patel and Geeta Patel. The film is about Ravi Patel, a middle- aged Indian American man who finds himself in a love triangle involving his parents and the girl of his dreams. The documentary, which starts as a family vacation video ends up as a hilarious as well as a heartbreaking movie that reveals how love is among the affairs of the family.

After breaking up with his secret white girlfriend, Ravi flies to India for a family vacation. By this time, Ravi is highly unsettled considering the fact that he is aging while single. He is willing to do anything to find love. However, as per his family culture, he needs to find a partner whose last name is Patel. Knowing this, Ravi starts a worldwide search for an American woman by use of Indian marriage websites, extended family relations, and matrimonial ceremonies. As time passes, Ravi is lamented by his parents for lack of commitment to finding a lover. However, with time, Ravi realizes that in his search for a lover, he uses Audrey, his first love as the reference, and that he was not going to find her equivalent. When his parents hear the news, at first they become reluctant; however, they later accept Ravi's wishes and allows him to date the person he truly loves (Patel and Patel). Consequently, Ravi hooks up with Audrey again, who eventually adopts the Indian culture and wins his parent’s affection.

I consider Meet the Patels as a highly informative film in the current society. It offers an authentic examination in the sociology of dating that the society avoids to talk about. With its strategically filmed scenes, the film questions the traditional cultures, thereby paving the way for the interaction of all people within the modern society. Overall, Meet the Patels is a fascinating documentary to watch.

Work Cited

Patel, Ravi, and Geeta Patel. Meet the Patels. Four In A Billion Pictures, Center For Asian American Media (CAAM), 2014.

September 25, 2023




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