mental enviromentalism unified theory

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I identify with the stance of Micah White on his cohesive hypothesis of a mental environmentalist essay on how advertisement has poisoned our brains and how impossible it is to strike back. The author explains how signs, labels and slogans have impaired human beings' behavioral ecology over the years due to the constant watching of the commercial. It points out, however, that the technique used to monitor the type of advertising on advertisements, such as pornographic or misleading commercials, does not do anything to reduce the harm incurred. Fighting the advertisements out, according to the author The author provides the steps of fighting back advertising as treating them as pollution and not a commercial communication. His argument is correct because mental environmentalist argues that our minds are assaulted by the overwhelming propaganda of beliefs, color, the desires, and perception. The author of the article references other environmentalists who have written on the topic and discusses their view on the impact of hard pollution and soft pollution. However, there is conflict on the issue of TV commercials, corporate signs and other ads being considered as toxic sludge while speech is not.

The environmentalists have similar thoughts on how animals pollute the environment. The article explains how animals pollute the environment as a mark of territory and to attract people and make them their customers without because they are destroying the natural beauty of creation. The author summarizes the article by explaining how the mental environmentalist have cried in efforts to end the pollution. He also discusses the struggle of fighting against the advertising. It is evident that the mental ecology of human beings has been polluted and damaged by the corporate ads that are all over, TV screens, billboards and other print and soft media that people continually see daily.

October 12, 2022
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