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Metadesign as a societal growth tool at the global and local levels

The use of metadesign as a tool for global and local societal developments, as well as the use of micro-utopias as a means of establishing system sustainability, are two of the most important things I've learned in this course. As a result, I've discovered that the fashion industry continues to evolve as a result of the application of specific experience and skills. To ensure that the design is effective, critical thinking is required.
Since it focuses on the topic of the aspect of fashion design and its applicability in society, the course is relevant to my major of fashion design. As such, it enhances the growth of the skills and knowledge on fashion design by also depicting the evolution that has occurred on fashion systems in society. Therefore, I consider my future career and studies to be based on creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. These are essential aspects, which will ensure that I grow and develop to be an outstanding fashion designer in the society. Such is because fashion design is one system that undergoes evolution continuously in society.
The course has opened up opportunities to learn about the innovation and creativity, which exists in fashion design. This includes the understanding of the skills and knowledge that contribute to making a person an outstanding performer and understanding individual on fashion and its applicability in society.
In the world, I have a personal role to be an outstanding fashion designer who is offering systems that focus on solving social problems. As such, I am at identifying the problems that can be experienced in the community and then formulating strategies, which will help in overcoming these problems. Therefore, I focus on using my skills and knowledge to do the best in solving issues that community members face in society.

August 09, 2021


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