Methods that Can Persist over Long Periods of Time

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Q1: Methods that will not deplete, destroy, or completely use up natural resources

Siemens contributes 4.53 million tons of greenhouse gases from its business operations (Stanat, 2010). Siemens has been spending EUR 2 billion in research and development every financial year to reduce greenhouse gas emission from its business operations. Through this initiative, the company has been developing environment-friendly machines and technologies and selling them to its customers (Rapp & Flurschuetz, 2011). However, it is recommended that the company invests more on strategies and methods that will ensure sustainability of natural resources. For instance, given its huge manufacturing operations, Siemens should invest extensively on the use of renewable energy sources if it has to achieve the world’s greenhouse gases emissions targets in the future. Given that the company has prior knowledge in the field of renewable energies having invested in some wind and hydro-power projects in various parts of the world, it would be easier to expand such resources in the future. Such method will prevent complete depletion, destruction, or complete use of natural resources. 

Q2: Methods that can persist over long periods of time

Siemens products portfolio includes long life cycle goods used for prolonged periods of time. As such, for a long period, the firm has invested in the account management program that has seen the company engage more in research to find out what exactly customer needs from its products (Rapp & Flurschuetz, 2011). With that, the company has been able to forge long-lasting relations with its clients.

However, it would be advisable for Siemens to invest more in various customer relationship management methods to increase sales and ensure customer retention for even more extended periods of time. For example, the company should diversify its client feedback channels. Currently, client data might come from a variety of sources including, Siemen’s corporate website, telephone, emails and even social media. An effective CSM platform comes with various benefits for the clients including improved pricing, customized products, better customer complaints handling, and improved customer service. On the other hand, sufficient analysis of such data helps the company learn more about its target and existing customers and the best way to serve them. In the end, customers are satisfied and can benefit the company by coming back or referring other potential clients.

Additionally, as an international conglomerate, Siemens should invest more in corporate social responsibility activities especially in the developing world. This is a perfect way of giving back to the community and ensuring a long-term continuity of the company’s business by helping maintain the wellness of the same societies that makes its client base.

Q3: Methods that can last perpetually

Through the strategy of sustainable cities and communities, Siemens ensures the safety and sustainability of human settlements as well as their cities. The company has been a significant provider of security and intelligent technology solutions that guarantee security and efficient flow of information among societies from one place to another (Siemens AG Annual Report - Sustainability Information 2017, 2017).

However, it is worth noting that human existence today continues to be threatened by terrorism, which has even rendered human settlement impossible in some part of the world. Some sections of the media have criticized various huge organizations of directly or unknowingly funding global terrorism. For instance, in 2016, there were allegations that some technology companies supplied Syrian regime with communication interception gadgets despite the war against humanity accusations. It would be advisable for Siemens to give more focus on the fight against poor governance and terrorism to help restore and maintain the world’s communities. The company can achieve that through creating awareness, funding non-governmental organizations that champion for democracy as well as supporting the refugee welfare. A safe and robust population guarantees Siemens business continuity, today and in the long future.


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January 19, 2024


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