Military and Transgender Service Research Essay

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Every patriotic American who qualifies for military service should be able to do so without any limitations. The United States military is the best and finest fighting force the world has ever seen because of the qualified individuals wearing uniforms. Therefore, the most important factor in choosing someone to serve, or rather to service in the military, is their level of qualification. Therefore, choosing soldiers based on criteria other than those required by the army is societal policy and is not permitted in the American army. At the moment there are transgender individuals already serving in the military, and besides, they are doing the job perfectly (Gates & Herman, 2014). The paper discusses the transgender who have enlisted as well as those who are serving in the military and whether it is harmful to the national security and defense or not.


Recently the president of the United States Donald Trump banned transgender from serving in the military. Upon the ban, which the president himself took to social media and twitter, was not received well with the entire nation. Some powerful men came to the defense of the group and personally, I believe that they are right. The ban was not based on facts. No American no matter should be prohibited from the honor as well as the privilege of serving their Nation regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The exclusion of Americans who happen to be from serving in the military is not based on facts, and it seems that it is grounded on bare prejudice. The presence of transgender personnel in the army will in no way hinder the security or the defense of the nation. More so, the military does not care about the sexual orientation of the members or rather who they love all it cares about is whether one can shoot straight and get the job done (Schaefer et al., 2016).

The presence transgender services men are good for the military, and it cannot reduce the security of the nation at any cost. The number of transgender service members serving in the army now is twice as many as normal American. It was according to a survey done by the National Centre for Transgender Equity. The numbers are the best reason why we need them in the military and apart from the figures; the military survives in units, which include those service men who are transgender. Banning them from serving will mean breaking the units that will reduce the efficiency of the military as well as the majority of the veterans, which makes it a weakness. More so, the cost of training an individual service member is higher than the health care they will receive over their entire lifetime. Therefore banning them because of costly medication is void since it will cost more to train new service men to replace them than just having them serve while providing their health care requirements (Schaefer et al., 2016).


To conclude it is not the time to set the awful precedent. We have to stand by the transgender community and most importantly the service members. More so, we owe our transgender service members the same debt of gratitude, which we owe to every service member. For the sake of the military readiness, we have to allow them to continue serving the nation.


Gates, G. J., & Herman, J. (2014). Transgender military service in the United States. The Williams Institute.

Schaefer, A. G., Iyengar, R., Kadiyala, S., Kavanagh, J., Engel, C. C., Williams, K. M., & Kress, A. (2016). The Implications of Allowing Transgender Personnel to Serve Openly in the US Military.

July 15, 2023




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