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To what degree did the Vietnam War benefit America?

In an attempt to sabotage the rise of communism, the United States of America participated in the Vietnam War. There was...

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US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

Since 2001, US troops have been stationed in Afghanistan for approximately 15 years. They were deployed with congression...

521 views 2 pages ~ 760 words
Training to Be Better Citizens JROTC

Efficient academic progress sometimes appears to be nearly impossible for students without the involvement and maintenance of extracurricular ac...

256 views 2 pages ~ 788 words
NATO - Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty

Since 1999, more than 18 nations have joined NATO. These countries include Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary,...

171 views 2 pages ~ 336 words
A Thought of James Henry Gooding, An African American Soldier

Morris Island's James Henry Gooding, an Afro-American militant, supplicates that Africans' treatment carries a disturbin...

297 views 3 pages ~ 590 words
Mobilization by America

Around 1939 and 1945, Second World War 2 took place. There were two armies, or rather two sides of the conflict, engaged...

260 views 5 pages ~ 1114 words
The Gatling gun

The original practical weapon first used by the American army in 1866 was the Gatling pistol. It had a rotating cluster ...

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U.S Military

This paper investigates drug abuse as an ethical problem confronting the Army, focusing on its root causes, effects on t...

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