Mobilization by America

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Around 1939 and 1945, Second World War 2 took place. There were two armies, or rather two sides of the conflict, engaged in the war. The world was split into two forces: the Allied forces and the movements of the Axis. The United States, Britain, China and the Soviet Union comprised the Allied powers. The forces of the Axis, on the other hand, included Germany, Japan and Italy. After becoming neutral to war after a long time, the United States entered the war sometime later. This is how the Japanese provoked them into the war after they bombed Pearl Habor.

Around the time, America has already experienced a number of issues. It was at the time that they were trying to recover from the Great Depression that had it the country in the 1920s leaving the populace jobless. The Great Depression had hit America so hard that their economy was struggling to get back on track again. The Great Depression swept away every strong pillar of the economy. This included even banks that provided people with jobs and even money that ensured the growth of the American economy. It is after this that Americans elected their president Roosevelt who came in with a lot of hope for the Americans. He came up with a policy that he termed the New Deal to help return America to where it was again. The New Deal had so many strategies that would help make America a power economic house as it was before the Great Depression.

The New Deal, for instance, came about with huge industries that provided people with jobs that were not there at the time of the Great Depression. The industries in America at the time provided enough jobs for the people. It helped in the mobilization of the World War II at the time as it focused on industries that produced massive amounts of war goods such as ships, tanks, arms, ammunition and even planes that were later on used on war. It was the huge industries created after the Great Depression that helped in mobilizing instruments that were very useful in the war against the Axis powers. It did not, however, come that soon. The American mood was generally against any international alliances. It took Roosevelt about six years to convince and to lobby the Congress, the public and the industries to get wholly involved in the second world war fully.

The United States were willing to spend so much money as possible to help in conquering in the war. It was after the Japanese had decided to attack them and hence to force them to fully venture into the war without even thinking twice. It helped them get into the war fully prepared. This followed by the many industries producing and was reflected in the increase in the federal budget in 1945. There were so many Americans getting to work, and many of them also were also getting to industries and even getting into the military to support the world war II.

Indeed the Americans were willing to do anything to ensure that they mobilized their people and all others to win the war.

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