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Who's going to dare to screw around with ex military personnel? Getting a nation where all people accept the concept of going through military training, particularly after high school, for a short time is very important to the general security of the country and of the participants. In the past before the Second World War, those nations who had qualified all their men to fight in the army for a while before entering any other career enjoyed a stronger role as they allowed them to provide adequate personnel during the war. Although I do not argue for the idea in the name of preparing for the war, there are several advantages of embracing this mandatory military services. Mandatory military services prepare one for other jobs as they learn discipline apart from showing patriotism and turning to be a full-time employment for some people who might want to pursue it for life just as the same way the government may be preparing to secure itself.

Taking part in the military service is one way of instilling discipline and ethics in young people as they prepare to endure challenges that might pop up in future. Williams (2008) point out that “When young people conquer challenges, it gives them a sense of pride, real self-esteem and, for men, a strong identity with manhood; Taking Drastic Measures is the only chance we have to save this generation from doom and gloom.” Military focuses on discipline and moral ethics since there is severe punishment for those who do not follow orders. When young people go through this services, they come out strong enough to meet the challenges that they might meet. Besides, they acquire the self-esteem to endure challenges with the strength that is required. Some children miss basic moral teachings because some of their parents are too busy at their work that they do not get enough time to share with their children. The outcome of such a society is a doomed generation that does not understand how the society operates and they also fail to know the importance of morality. Undergoing a military training and service for two years or so can help them change their way of seeing things as well as behaving decently. When they get employed, they turn out to be the most qualified and all round employees.

The other important reason to allow every young person to take the mandatory military service is to prepare the country for anything especially in defending itself against any future threats that can be associated with the security of the country. For instance, “Sweden has reintroduced mandatory conscription as a result of growing worries over Russia’s increased military maneuvers in the Baltic States, with a recent study suggesting the current NATO force would no longer adequately protect the region” (Gilbert, 2017). Such an initiative to get more people trained makes the country secure than when they are not trained. In the current world where nations are in aggression to make modern weapons, there is an impending danger of any possible outbreak of war. Therefore, having enough people with military skills means that the country will have self-defense especially when there is the need for the extra workforce. Those who can volunteer will not have to go for further training, but they will immediately be deployed to areas that need attention since they already have the experience and the skills to take the task.

Last but imperative, joining the military through the mandatory policies can help some people who have longed to serve as military personnel to explore the opportunity since they are not limited in whatever area that they will serve. “Every American who is physically qualified should register for the draft,” Gen. Robert B. Neller, the Marine Corps commandant, said at a Senate hearing” (Appelbaum, 2016). The statement encourages all personnel to register for the military service before they can start doing anything else. From this article, we can see that some people can utilize this opportunity to become military officers in their entire life. Allowing women to serve in any part of the military also means that they are welcome to serve their country. Therefore, embracing this mandatory military service is one way of preparing people who would prefer to follow it as a long-term career to have an early knowledge and experience in the field.

In precise, exposing young people in the military enables them to learn the ethical code of conduct as they prepare for future careers. Besides, it is one way of getting the country prepared for any form of war that might need the attention of the military to deter. Furthermore, the military is just like any other employment opportunity, therefore, when young people are allowed to take part in it, some might develop the interest in it and chose it as their career, hence having an easy time in pursuing it. Therefore, allowing this idea of mandatory military service will ensure that the country produces all-round individuals that are ready to serve the country as well as to defend it using the skills acquired from the military training during this period of the service.


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October 12, 2022

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