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Monsanto: the market structure

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Monsanto is a seed company with a monopoly in the United States. Monsanto regulates more than 80% of the retail supply. It is a monopoly market because it is the primary manufacturer and has market influence. Furthermore, Monsanto sets the price and does not accept it. It has a monopoly because it is the market's only manufacturer.
A monopoly is bad for buyers since the seller will intentionally raise costs by causing a scarcity of supply. When the amount supplied is small, the price will rise. It is very inconvenient for customers.
There are rivals, but none pose a serious threat. We have DuPont and Syngenta by our side. In a monopoly, there is need to distinguish your products and set a niche above others. In this case, it is the main product; they work to create a brand. It is not easy for new firms to enter a monopoly market. It is because a large firm that has enjoyed profits for a long time will lower its prices below which a new competitor will not survive in the market.

In the global perspective, Monsanto faces competition and a CR4 ration of 23%. However, in the US, it dominates the market with almost triple that percentage.

December 15, 2021


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