Motive and Thoughts

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Lauren Hills “Motive and Thoughts,” criticizes the wrongs within the society. She praises the importance of the natural intelligence that human possesses against the so-called artificial intelligence. The poem brainstorms the human race to openly understand the social ills within the society and their primary causes. The persona believes that each has a choice to make regarding being different and open-minded. She opposes the current suggestion that an individual makes his own decisions without influence from the society (line 3). Similarly, the poem suggests that individualistic thoughts are non-engaged by the opinions of external force. However, progress is established when a person has the freedom to engage with free will actions.  The ideas of the society are that the current trends in life are there to benefit them, while in reality, it is only there to help people within the top levels (lines 6-12). It is therefore essential to understand the social evils of the society as the persona explains them through poetic devices and there hidden meanings.

Counterfeits and non-realistic technologies are dominating and harming the poor but benefited the rich (line6-12). The persona believes that the society is a delusion constructed and eventually the morals of man are corrupted (lines3 and 4). Religion is also a big lie in theology taking the design of words that robe the poor and makes promises that are never fulfilled. The few good-hearted people within the society are also in harm of being corrupted as scheme demonology hunts them down (line7). Some people can see the evils, but they have already established the thoughts that it is a way.  An explanatory categorized story is the narration of the emperor who believed he is dressed, yet the society sees him naked, but they decide not to speak up apart from a child who insists it is not right. The persona wonders how can the wicked led the wicked, as lust and greed turn human to hoes, leading to more troubles within the society.

The courts have turned against the lawmakers and the members of the society as it is falsely passing judgments to make logic but not justice ‘Standard of jokers, court just a logic’(line 19). The persona believes that people are knowledgeable, however, instead of what they know helping them to develop, it is working against them making the primitive. The ‘system has collapsed,’ but the leaders are not willing to take necessary reforms. An illusion is created to bring away the pains of failure of men by blaming God to be their solution. Pride is failing the human race as a moral dilemma grows. The youths are not aware what their future holds as people have lost the ways of their religions (Egyptians and Grecians) (Hill).

“Light shown in Darkness, Humans exposed

Few can see through the new emperor's clothes

Lustful this hustle, turn humans into hoes

When the blind lead the blind, just more trouble and woes” (line 13- 16)

            The use of metaphor and imagery within the (line 13-16) have established the sense of the voice of the persona on the separation of the ideas of motives and thoughts. The persona intends to develop a visual explanation of the difference between a freethinker and a corrupt system. Similarly, the “Emperor’s New Clothes” is a comparison of the new trends that society blindly accepts thinking that they are designed for the smart and intelligent (line 14). Imagery has created an understanding of how people are influenced to accept the evils and to take the wrongs of the society as none of their business. Those who criticize the wrong have a symbolization of a small illiterate child. The statement “When the blind lead the blind,” is a forceful question on a reader to determine if he is ready to see for the society on the wrongs hidden (Hill).

“Heart full of madness, covered with kind

Pleasure designed to take over your mind

Furnished in godliness, painted in good” (line33- 36).

            The stanzas above are full of personification, as the heart is given the ability to possess madness and at the same time a contradicting statement of kindness (line 33). The mind has also be recreated to be in a position to be painted and furnished with godliness. The capability of godliness being furniture itself is personification. The persona’s idea to do this was to establish an understanding of the changes in human characters due to the growing evils and greed for power. People pretend to be good, yet they are evil, in addition to the persona’s idea.

“Devils Technology, Strategy For

Human Mythologies, Urban Folklore

Sick of Psychology, Counterfeit Cure

Wicked Theology, Robbing the Poor” (line 7- 11)

            The rhythm within the line by the use of alliteration and use of rhyming words creates harmony from the title ‘Motive vs. Thoughts’ until the last line of the poem, with the intention of linking together the ideas of the poem (Hill). The persona continually insists through a musical flow that ‘motives’ are forced evil and do not deserve a chance instead human should be pure in thoughts. All this is established through rhyme and alliteration.

Summing up, the gods in the human heads, “motive and thoughts “as the persona call them overshadow the religious morality. A man for himself is all that counts, people, create a foundation with lies to conquer ‘Industrial wealth and global economy’ as they overrule ‘morality.’ People are lying to friends and neighbors with the modern conning terms. Nevertheless, do they know their real motives and thoughts when they do this? The world is corrupted, and the people in it are dwelling in the same filth of lies, government crises, societal inequalities, and poor business ethics, all because of greed.

Works Cited

Hill, Lauryn. "Motives and Thoughts."Def Jam Poetry. Cond. Lauryn Hill. By Lauryn Hill. 2007.

November 24, 2023



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