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Six people make up Mike Johnson's family, and his parents, who conceived him after years of infertility, adore him dearly. Mike Johnson, who is now fifteen years old, is a quiet person who values solitude over social interaction. Mike typically cannot argue with his buddies and frequently becomes too emotional to do so. His mother, who is surprisingly an alcoholic and a greedy person, is the source of this type of conduct, according to his parents. Mona Lisa is a perhaps gullible parent who is incapable of providing for her children on a social and psychological level. A local bar attendant she brought Mike up beating him most of the time because of slight mistakes.

Mike spends most of his time playing video games of which he is an accomplished player. Mike loves playing the military games and is an avid fan of the bad of the protagonist characters.


In his class, upper class kids make fun of him and undermines his ability as a man. One Sam, and most often poor milk remains on his shirt and this happens in front of his class members.

Inciting Incident

The bullies hide Mikes classroom books and locks him out of most lectures. This has seriously limited his self-worth over the time he has been in college. This results in him concentrating most of the time in the video games that he loves and the use of his IPhone, which has numerous games and applications.

First Act Break

The bullies have hid this morning Mike’s laptop and he is overwhelmed with anger. He looks for his laptop all over the school halls but to no avail. The laughing and chatting of friends who are with him increases his anger and he gets so annoyed.


He engages the classmates and tries to find out where his books have gone but they only laugh and chuckle in low tones. It further increases the anger and anxiety of Sam

Big bloom

He picks up a used club in the sore room next door and almost kills the bullies. He assumes the personality of fear tyrant but upon being annoyed is dangerous. The change in behavior in mike is seen by everybody and is mainly because of the bullying and being underrated by friends.


Finally, the friends and personal intervention of classmates Sam is help to appreciate his self-worth through church attendance in which h receives counselling and advice. Inclusion in class activities also tend to help him acknowledge himself and becomes confident.

April 06, 2023
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