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My Career Decision

I would like to thank you for the position you play in guiding me through life as a mentor. You have helped me focus on what is essential in life, enabling me to differentiate between priorities and matters of less emergency. Even in pleasure, you taught me how to enjoy constructively whilst taking advantage of every opportunity introduced to me. For this, I am grateful and will always be indebted to you.
I am writing to you regarding my career choices, a subject that filled much of our conversation the remaining time we met. I have done a lot of deliberation, which led me to research about the police as a career option. I have always desired to be a police officer since I was a child. I can remember imitating them as they arrested wrongdoers. Through my education, I have had an opportunity to learn about other disciplines but the police hold a place in my heart for the passion and dedication they have to maintaining peace, law, and order. I would like to be a part of that mission.

I am ambitious as I am humble. I would like to serve my nation with the same fervor as I would like to dedicate to my family and myself. This means career progression, a good salary, and living in a peaceful and contented neighborhood with low rates of crime. My research was fruitful as it gave me the confidence that all my options were available; I could study as much as I want and be able to pick up a specialization within the police force. My education and experience would translate to salary increase and greater responsibilities.

I am grateful for the interest you sparked in me, which caused me to begin my research into the career. As I proceed from now on, I am confident that I will be a satisfied police officer who will be patriotic to the core. I am thankful for your support and guidance. I look forward to our next meeting.

Yours sincerely,

July 24, 2021




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