My Experience as an Entrepreneur

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I have always wanted to get into business school. Having been breed in a family of entrepreneurs, I always felt like it is my destiny to take on the family name. My parents have been running their businesses since I was a child. My father always took me with him when he had important business meetings with the hope that I would be better and successful than he was. Unlike my parents who owned small businesses with a small number of employees, I have always wanted to own a large business organization where I can manage a big number of employees.

After graduate from IMC FH Krems Business school, I intend to expand my family business to accommodate more customers and create employment for youths. My short term goal is to market the business so that many people in the city will be aware of its existence; I find that most of the people around the city are not aware of the quality services and products we offer. Additionally, my goal is to provide consumers with high-quality products at an affordable price. Having grown up in a rich neighborhood, most of the commodities at our local stores were too expensive, and we had to get most of our necessities in the neighboring town which had the same products at reasonable prices. I would like to increase the number of customers by 45 percent and employment by 25 percent. My long term goal is to reach to other nations and eventually market it globally.

My expectation in IMC FH Krems Business School is to gain more experience and skills that will help me attain my short term and long term goals. However, business administration is known to be a wide course. After thorough research, I have identified various programs offered under business administration which I think will help me enhance my career path. I would like to enroll in a marketing and business management program so as to ensure that I get to learn more about how to market and manage my business. This program will also ensure that I know how to interact well with employees and to communicate well with potential investors, therefore, enhancing the success rate of my business.

I am a creative and bold person. This character helps me test boundaries so as to know when I am getting over my head or when I am making progress with people. I am also extremely patient, and thus I never give up on a project just because things get difficult. I tend to take on high risks, and this has proven to be a weakness over the years. I also put a lot of focus on minor things that affect my parent's businesses and tend to ignore the bigger picture. I think that every issue be it minor or major is important to the future of any business.

My father’s business has helped me gain more experience and thought me the importance of being an entrepreneur. Since my childhood, I have been accompany my father in the process, i have been able to interact with other entrepreneurs and majority of successful entrepreneurs have studied business administration and have applied the skills they learned to run their businesses. I hope by the time I graduate from IMC FH Krems Business School I will have learned how to run and manage my own business. I will be grateful for the opportunity and shall utilize it well. Thank you.

August 14, 2023


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