Mystery Shopper Case

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Questionnaire for Mystery Shoppers

The Buyer

What is the company's name? __Panera Breads__

What day, date, and hour does your shop open? It was around midday on May 20, 2017.

What is the business's location in town? Saint Louis, Missouri

What specific things are you looking for, ordering, or inquiring about?

Bread, tea, and delicacies are examples of catering products.

What personal information or ""narrative"" do you need to offer to the associate who is assisting you?

_I have plans of starting my catering business in the near future, and I would want the weaknesses of the other organizations within the catering industry to be among the strengths of my business.________________________________________________________________________


If you made a purchase, how much did you spend? Willing to spend? _i spent almost $100, and I could have spent more if I had come with my family.___________________

Did you get a business card or receipt to document your visit? _yes_________________________

The Business - Outside

Could the signage for the business be seen from the street, have any missing letters? Was it attractive, clean? ___yes, the premise of the business can be seen from the streets, its attractive and clean._____________________________________________________________________

How was the condition of the landscaping? What the level of care given to the grounds outside the business building? Did the trees, bushes, flowers and lawn look healthy and attractive so that they gave a positive impression? _the condition outside the premise is impressive, there are a lot of flowers and decorations._________________________________________


How was the cleanliness of any glass doors and windows on the outside? Were they smudge and streak free? Were the building facade and the doorway in good condition when you entered?

_the cleanliness of the window is done with a smoother, and the window glass are in good condition._____________________________________________________________________________


The Salesperson/Server/Attendant

Were you pleasantly greeted when you entered the establishment?__No_________________

Did the personnel act in a friendly, professional manner and were they appropriately and neatly attired? _No, she appeared exhausted______________________________________________________________________


How well did the establishment’s personnel interact with you? Were you treated with courtesy and respect? How knowledgeable was the employee regarding your products and/or services?


The establishment`s personnel interacted with me with respect and courtesy despite appearing exhausted. She also easily contemplated the things that I ordered, to the extent that she was giving suggestions on the available products.______________________________________________________________________________


Were there any extra items you needed to ask about or look for, beyond the items you came to purchase/order? Did the person offer you any additional items, a larger size or a specific promotional good? _____________________________________________________________

__No, but the person presented to me a menu with various items to choose from. ____________________________________________________________________________


Was the cashier accurate and professional? Did the cashier thank you and invite you to return to the store? _Yes, the cashier was accurate and professional. She was more welcoming._____________________________________________________________________

The Business - Inside

What was the condition and cleanliness of the products, aisles and shelves in the establishment? The condition of the display areas, including the lighting, flooring and fixtures? The register area? _______________________________________________________________________

_The products were neat, well packaged and presentable. In addition, the premise was well air lighted. The floor had tiled and presentable. _____________________________________________________________________________



What was the condition of the restroom, including cleanliness, equipment condition and whether containers were empty or full? Were trash receptacles were appropriately emptied?


_Unfortunately, the trash container was full, and I could feel a rotting smell though it was not concentrated._____________________________________________________________________________


Was there a wait time to purchase items? Was another register opened if necessary, providing the store has more than one register? _yes, I was to wait for at least 10 minutes before I could be served. There were more customers who had arrived before me and they needed to be served as well. _____________________________________________


How likely would you return to this store or organization considering only this one shopping experience? __I may return in future, but in case I find another alternative, I can’t hesitate to shop there instead. __________________________________________________________________

Would you recommend this business/organization to other customers? __No_________________

Part 1: Report

I would like to appreciate the management of Panera Breads for the location of the business, the quality of catering products that you offer as well as the neatness of your business. Apparently, there are a number of aspects that the management of Panera Breads needs to focus on in order to not only enhance its sales, but also meet and even exceed customers` expectations. First, the company needs to educate its employees concerning dealing with clients. Precisely, the success of an organization is largely determined by customer relations. Customers needs to be engaged and appreciated, as this makes them perceive themselves as valued assets of an organization, which in the long run stimulates them to fall in the impulse buying trap, as well as enhancing their loyalty towards the company.

Secondly, there is need to employ more attendants in order to serve customers. This is due to the fact that your organization is receiving a great influx of customers, and though this is a great achievement, the high influx of customers can be greatly affected by the long durations that your organization takes to serve them. Customers, especially in the restaurant and catering industry are deemed to change their decisions if they keep waiting to be served. Moreover, despite your premise being clear and presentable there is needed to be removing trash every time the trash bin is full or after every three hours. Moreover, due to the increase level of competition in the present times, there is a need to embrace every available opportunity. For your organization, there is need to embrace the aspect of offering outside catering, as this would enable you to earn extra revenue with minimal use of resources. I look forward hoping you will implement these recommendations.

May 24, 2023

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