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Nestle and ethical business practice

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Nestle is a food and drinks company based in Switzerland. Its profitability momentum has made it one of the most valuable and profitable brands in the world. However, numerous past and current controversies that rattled them have ruined its image considerably.
An example of this is the highly discussed Baby Milk Scandal, which began in 1970. The organization has shifted its target group to impoverished mothers in developed countries. It was in the face of the idea that they might take advantage of and manipulate them because of their naivety. They shared misleading information and misinterpretation about their goods on how they were better and tastier than natural milk. Using aggressive marketing campaigns, they managed to increase sales. Later on, scientific evidence conducted disputed Nestlé’s position. In spite of this, it was too late as the damage had already taken place and was irreversible.

The scandal visibly highlights issue concerning ethical principles in business practice. Nestle never cared about the consequences of their actions since their motivation was profits. Concerning that, some moral values got violated. Among them is individualism. It states that everyone has a right to pursue their rights and choices. Nestle was guilty of this on ridiculous levels through the lies and fabrications they sought to control the market. The other ethical principle is on utilitarianism which states that happiness and pleasure should be for all who are capable of feeling it. Nestle managed to pleasure itself at the expense of others hence disregarding the principle.

The best strategy the board of directors would have taken is to market the products in a genuine way and let consumers be the final decision makers. Core values are meant to form the framework for conducting business. Summarizing, ethical principles need total consideration in any circumstance for the ultimate benefit.

November 11, 2021




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