Networks for Learning and Knowledge Creation in Biotechnology

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Development of the Biotechnology Sector

Oliver examines the development of the biotechnology sector and how it interacts with other industries in his book Networks for Learning and Knowledge Creation in Biotechnology. Oliver has placed a particular emphasis on the creation of knowledge, including the absorption of knowledge-intensive businesses like nanotechnology and information technology. The biotechnology sector is rapidly changing, and new organizational structures, such as university-industry partnerships and new biotechnology businesses (NBFs), may soon appear. Research and development consortia and university spinoffs may both be seen in organizational evolution. The rampant growth acts as a challenge to the scientists, who did not visualize such advancements before in terms of linkage with such issues as agriculture, business and technology (Oliver, 28-65).

Bread Brewing and Grain Domestication

Question 2: Was the brewing of bread and making of beer as a result of man's need to domesticate grains or an organization to communities

Critically analyzing the given question, it can be hard to make out the actual reason as to why man chose to behave in a certain way on certain issues since the explanation has been approached with ambiguity in the text. Early anthropology tried to get the reason for making bread or brewing wine. Katz and Voigt are two anthropologists who posited that beer led to domestication of grains as well as community organization since through provision of nutrition. The anthropologists later theorize that the development of beer was later incorporated to religion. There is evidence, according to this chapter that can be attributed to this phenomenon. In view of the question, man was then getting organized into communities (Rao, 43-68).

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March 15, 2023

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