New Look Retailers Ltd

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New Look Retailers Ltd

New Look Retailers Ltd is a fashion house that operates in the United Kingdom and around the world. Ireland, Eastern Europe, China, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, the Middle East, and Asia are among the countries where the organization has a presence. In total, the company runs over 1000 stores worldwide (New Look Retailers Ltd 2016). Furthermore, it has a subsidiary known as New Look Group Limited. The group competes with other globally recognized multinational companies and has carved out a niche in the selling of men's and women's casual wear. The company was founded in 1982, and its head office is in London, United Kingdom (New Look Retailers Ltd 2016).

Statement of Purpose and Goals

New Look Retailers Ltd statement of purpose envisions the company as one of the topmost fashion house across the globe. In implementing specific objectives to achieve this status, the company goals are geared towards the establishment of internationally recognized outlets in areas previously dominated by the other players.

Services and Products

The company sells its fashion items through it internationally recognized outlets and also through its online platforms. Some of the common fashion items sold include apparel, men, and women clothes, accessories for all genders and people of varying demographics (New Look Retailers Ltd 2016). By applying product differentiation in the sale of its products through the use of online platforms and the traditional brick and mortar stores, the company is able to reach a substantial population across the globe. In addition, the cost of products is significantly lower as compared to the major fashion houses across the world despite maintaining the same quality of products as the other fashion houses.

Human Resources Activities Effect on Strategy

Human resources activities are key in the implementation of any successful strategy within any business setting. For companies such as New Look Retailers Ltd to effectively achieve its goals, it requires a well-trained and motivated workforce that is willing to attain the financial goals. Successful human resource departments provide growth and advancement opportunities for their employees for the successful realization of specific company goals. This relation has to remain cooperative and not adversarial for any human resource activities associated with the implementation of a specific strategy to be successful (Sikora & Ferris 2014). The human resource division in the organization collects demographic information based on the past sales of the company. They also collect information relating to their competitors in a bid to monitor what they are doing differently. This information is then analyzed to identify specific gaps that currently exist in the present strategy resulting in the creation of either a new strategy or modification in the implementation of a specific strategy. Secondly, the human resource departments houses all employees and therefore defines the roles of employees within the organization. In some instances, the human resource department may require employees to promote the sale of specific fashion products within the company and indirectly ensure the sale of products resulting in achievement of the company_x0092_s strategy (Sikora & Ferris 2014). In addition, employees act as the face of the company in various locations of the world, and their direct interaction with customers serve to increase the customer base of the company resulting in an increase in the sale of products associated with the company.

Role of Human Resource Professionals in Supporting Line Managers and Staff

The role of human resource professionals in any setting is to provide the required workforce for the accomplishment of a specific task based on the needs of the line managers. In the case of New Look Retailers Ltd, the human resource department is supposed to recruit specific individuals who fit qualifications required by the line manager in running the operations of the organization (Azmi & Mushtaq 2015). In this case, the human resource department may be solely responsible for recruiting fashion designers, salesperson and outlet managers who will be under the supervision of the line manager. This department also advises the line managers on how to identify qualified personnel and the specific work positions and their responsibilities.

Professionals in the human resource division form a key part of the conflict resolution process. New Looks Retailer Ltd is an internationally recognized company meaning that its hires people across the world. In some instances these people come from diverse cultures and as a consequence are not able to fit in within the workplace without conflicting with the other personnel including the line managers (Azmi & Mushtaq 2015). The human resource department professionals come in during such cases and assist the new employees in learning about the work environment as well as fitting in the new environment in the process making the work of the line manager more easier and focused on accomplishment of specific tasks without considering the cultures conflict based issues (Azmi & Mushtaq 2015). Lastly, the human resource professionals also play a key role in performance management by organizing for training and development modules that fit new techniques required by line managers.


New Looks Retailer Ltd is a leading fashion house established internationally. The company human resource team has been set out to accomplish specific tasks required in the accomplishment of the organizational goals.


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November 09, 2022

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