No Longer at Ease by Chinua Achebe

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Chinua Achebe's novel "No Longer at Ease" is a 1960 work of fiction that chronicles the story of an Igbo man named Obi Okonkwo. He leaves his village to pursue an education in Britain and then a job in the Nigerian colonial civil service. In the process, he finds himself struggling to adapt to Western lifestyle and African culture. He even ends up taking a bribe!

Obi Okonkwo

Obi Okonkwo is a young Nigerian man caught between the traditional culture of his country and the changing world around him. He tries to integrate into English culture, but finds that he's not at ease in either. He struggles with the dialectic of difference and identity, and he must decide where he belongs and who he is.

Themes that run throughout the novel include cultural conflict, education, and tradition. Obi has to reconcile the traditional ways of his people with the modern lifestyle in Lagos. He also has a large number of people to please. Throughout the book, Obi is forced to confront his cultural differences and question whether he belongs to the wrong side of the fence.

The story begins when Obi returns to Nigeria from England. He lives with his friend Joseph in the city of Lagos. While there, he takes a job with the government Scholarship Board. While he's there, he meets a man who wants a scholarship for his sister. Obi declines the offer, but a girl who wants the scholarship proposes a sexy scheme.

Aside from the traumatic events that surround Obi's return to Nigeria, the novel also highlights the role of education in his life. The young man has spent time studying in the West, and his mother has raised him Christian values. In school, he was taught to believe in democracy, speak proper English, and behave like a European.

Chinua Achebe

No Longer at Ease by Chinua Achebe is a 1960 Nigerian novel about a young Igbo man who goes to Britain for an education and then a job in Nigeria's colonial civil service. However, he struggles to adapt to his new life and culture. His efforts ultimately lead to a bribe.

Chinua Achebe's novel is set in the twilight zone between the British rule of Nigeria and the country's independence. During this time, whites are leaving and natives are taking over responsibility for their own lives. As colonialism gives way to postcolonial situations, the natives of Nigeria must learn to live independently and negotiate the conflicting demands of colonialism and a more traditional African way of life.

Chinua Achebe's No Longer At Ease takes on a variety of issues, including morality. In the book, the protagonist, Obi Okonkwo, a native of Umuofia, struggles to deal with governmental corruption and bribery. He has studied in England and is now working as a civil servant in Lagos.

The author also examines the authority of custom and the spaces that sustain it. While colonialism seeks to replace indigenous cultures, the indigenous culture endures, and the novel depicts the struggle of Obi to define himself in two distinct spaces.

Things Fall Apart

The sequel to Things Fall Apart is a solid follow-up. It deals with the same issues as the first book, but it has a more modern feel. The characters are more sympathetic, and it is easier to relate to their plight. The film is definitely worth a watch.

Achebe is widely regarded as the father of modern African literature, and his "African Trilogy" series of novels opened the door to the literary world to explore the stories of African cultures. Things Fall Apart, the first of the trilogy, follows the harrowing downfall of an Igbo warrior, Okonkwo. The second novel, No Longer at Ease, follows Okonkwo's Western-educated grandson. These books will provoke discussion about the relationship between African tradition and Western influence, and how different belief systems intersect.

Achebe tackles issues of morality in No Longer at Ease, an epic novel that explores the complexities of life in Nigeria as independence approaches. In the book, Obi Okonkwo, a native of the Umuofia region of eastern Nigeria, struggles to reconcile his traditional and Western ways. As he returns home from studying abroad, he finds himself in between two worlds: a modernized world and a traditional one.

Things Fall Apart is a novel by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, considered the father of modern African literature. It depicts the lives of three generations of an African community as the world around them changes. He vividly imagines the lives of the community and its people, which are affected by the forces of colonialism.

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