Nonverbal Communication and Relationships

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Professionalism and a strong work ethic are the cornerstones of the relationship between a supervisor and an employee. However, the likelihood is that the nature of their connection may change depending on how long an employee gets to know the boss. The way the two get along will determine how the relationship turns out. The analysis focuses on how I currently interact with my boss at work. James Andrews is the boss in the relationship, and I am the employee.

My relationship with my boss is an excellent example of how nonverbal communication is used. The supervisor utilizes non-verbal communication to reinforce what he has already said. For example, in the process of giving instructions, the supervisor has adopted the use of non-verbal communication in many instances to reiterate whatever he is saying. The repetition is meant to ensure that the instructions are comprehended to facilitate the execution of tasks in the organization.

Further, non-verbal communication has been applicable in the working relationship I have with the supervisor to complement discussions being held. In essence, at the workplace, there are instances when the supervisor decides to congratulate me for the work that I have done. In doing so, he has used a pat on the back as a way of complimenting the verbal message of congratulations for a job well done.

Importance of Studying Non-verbal Communication in this Relationship

Non-verbal communication is important in the relationship between the supervisor and myself because it enables the conveyance of empathy and emotions. For example, when the supervisor is happy or saddened by the nature of work that I am doing, it becomes prudent for him to use non-verbal communication to express the emotions.

Workplace efficiency is a critical component of the relationship I have with the supervisor. The adoption of non-verbal communication in this relationship improves the overall way in which we both communicate with each other. The use of non-verbal communication is to facilitate the activities at the workplace which is the hallmark of this relationship. Non-verbal communication is important since it improves understanding between myself and the supervisor. The ability to have a connection between verbal and nonverbal connection at the workplace results in the achievement of a better perspective on information sent between a supervisor and an employee. Therefore, non-verbal communication is critical in this relationship since it promotes understanding between us.

Evaluation of the Identified Relationship

The categories of nonverbal communication behavior significantly differ from the supervisor and me. For example, I prefer the use of facial expressions to enhance my communication when addressing the supervisor. Contrary to the same, the supervisor mostly employs gestures for nonverbal communication. Regardless of the same, the relationship between each member was built on trust since the focus was on ensuring that there is comprehension of the message. For example, in cases where directions are being given, body language and posture was essential in reinforcing the message in being relayed. In the process of communication, certain behaviors are expected to gain the most out of the existing relationship. Notably, it is critical to focus on openness, and this can be facilitated through adequate facial expression and use of relevant gestures. My behaviors fit the expectations, and this was depicted in my ability to execute the mandate assigned to me by the supervisor successfully.

Effect of Nonverbal Immediacy on the Relationship Chosen

Nonverbal immediacy entails the use of cues such as touch, eye contact, and verbal tone. It affects the relationship we have since it facilitates the transmission of the message leading to understanding which is critical for this relationship. The advantage of nonverbal immediacy is that it helps to ensure the comprehension of the message being sent. However, the primary disadvantage is that it allows for pretense as an individual could use a facial expression that is not applicable.


In conclusion, the use of nonverbal communication is vital in any relationship. Individuals must ensure they use different categories of nonverbal communication to enhance the understanding of the message. Nonverbal communication is practical in the workplace.

March 10, 2023

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